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use this template to create a project proposal that clearly conveys your ideas and shows how your project will benefit the company and your customers. hubspot tip: consider including an executive summary to give an overview of the main points in your project proposal, especially if you will be submitting it to busy c-level executives. hubspot tip: you have listed your past successes, but what if another project attempted to solve this problem in the past, and failed? you can also provide a brief assessment of why you think the previous project failed and how you have designed the current project for success. hubspot tip: of course you should tell the reader what your project would entail, but you may also want to indicate what it will not include. consider using a table like the one below to supplement your narrative explanation of how your project supports the company’s long- and short-term goals.

to make the schedule of activities for your project clear, present them graphically in a table like the one shown below. depending on the type of project you are proposing, it might make sense to include brief biographical sketches of your proposed team members to highlight their qualifications. almost every project will require a budget in order to succeed. now, tell the reader what you need in order to make the project a reality. hubspot tip: consider including your contact information (email address and phone number) in this section, in case the reader has a question and needs to get in touch with you quickly. to include supplementary information without distracting the reader, reference it briefly in the narrative of your project proposal and then insert it into an appendix. these are templates provided for your convenience and use.

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with software to address these needs, you can potentially reduce the non-billable time spent drafting content for sales proposals, and better communicate with prospective clients. in addition, you can use pandadoc for contract renewals and the hr solution to streamline and simplify recruiting and onboarding, making your entire agency more efficient and organized. you can customize a proposal with an indesign-like editor that lets you add text, images, and videos. with qwilr’s proposal software, you can easily embed videos, roi calculators, and other interactive components to create a better, more cohesive buyer experience.

for additional tracking and personal branding, you can add outbound links, gifs, and engaging videos to accompany your offer or help with the customer experience. the tool also features reminders for agencies, so you’ll remember to follow up after sending, and it has a library of professional proposal templates to get started with. with an emphasis on making professional design accessible, better proposals offers a wide variety of pre-made, fully customizable templates ready to use, and a marketplace where you can purchase additional templates. monitor your proposal performance with prospero’s built-in analytics features so you can track click and open rates, customer engagement, conversion rate, and many others.

you can adapt this template to meet the specific requirements of your potential client. in this section, show the potential client that you understand the history of the problem and the unique requirements that it entails. this section is the heart of your proposal. it outlines key parts of your product or service and their specific value to the potential client. if you work in a field that is suited to it, consider including images and examples of your products or services. while the proposed solution section is important for persuading the potential client to choose your company, it is also crucial to provide a well-documented, competitive pricing summary.

you should also list and explain any assumptions that, if they were to change, would alter the price of your proposal. you can provide the price in this format or transfer it to your proposal document. by providing a detailed schedule in your proposal, you can show the client that you are committed to completing the project by the deadline. hubspot tip: consider including a signature page directly in your proposal. appendices are a good place to include any information that you think is important, but that the client did not specifically request. also, it is a good place to insert documents that are too large to include within the document. if you want professional information, please consult your own attorney.

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