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schedule a call with us to learn more about how our hvac contractor software can help you successfully bid for hvac jobs and grow your hvac business. here are nine tips on how to improve your bidding process for hvac jobs using servicetitan’s estimating software, where applicable: train your team on how to perform a comprehensive analysis of residential and commercial hvac projects, so they can identify all potential problems and the best solutions to satisfy clients’ needs. that’s one of the biggest obstacles, to find the people who can do both really efficiently.” many hvac companies find it’s more efficient and effective to separate these two jobs, relying on a salesperson with time and expertise to evaluate and estimate larger jobs for homeowners or commercial clients. you can determine the hvac system your customer needs and present them with the best solutions for their situation.

“they’re required to give the customer a couple of options and educate them,” matveev says. then, once the estimate is approved, servicetitan connects it to the rest of the hvac workflow such as scheduling and billing. servicetitan’s partnerships with top providers greensky, service finance, turns, and financeit streamline the process so companies in the hvac industry can easily offer monthly payment options to customers. this saves time compared to using different software for each process, reduces the chance of errors, and improves the whole customer experience. schedule a call with us to learn more about how our hvac contractor software can help you successfully bid for hvac jobs and grow your hvac business.

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while price is important, these jobs do not always go to the lowest bidder. your company’s qualifications, experience and ability to finish the work on time are also vital factors, especially if the project is on a tight schedule. the bid is often the first contact your company will have with a potential customer, so you want to demonstrate as many signs of credibility as possible. designation as a minority business enterprise or disadvantaged business enterprise can be helpful if you are bidding on a government job. government agencies and large private companies typically have a purchasing office to handle construction bids. you may be required to purchase a set of blueprints from a specified printer to use as the basis for your bid. stay in contact with the purchasing office or check the “open bids” section of the company’s website to get updates on key dates related to your bid.

some companies hold pre-bid meetings to lay out the specifications and answer questions from all bidders at the same time. make sure to show up at all meetings on time and submit your bid before the deadline. if the project has phases, separate your bid by each phase and list all key time frames. estimate the cost of materials and add your markup. add a contingency for cost overruns and list the total price of your bid. this shows transparency and makes it easy for companies to compare various bids. denise sullivan has been writing professionally for more than five years after a long career in business. her areas of expertise are business, law, gaming, home renovations, gardening, sports and exercise.

before quoting an hvac project, you must know the best projects to bid for your company. or, if the project is out of your service area, you may need to add housing and per diem for your employees. you’ll look at a project with similar scope and apply the labor required to the new scope of work. today there are lots of options for estimating software to help you create and track your proposals.

in order to create and maintain a successful hvac business, you must always be searching for new work. this assessment will help you identify the appropriate hvac equipment to meet your business goals and provide optimal solutions. by selecting equipment that matches the specific needs of each project, you can ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency for your clients. consider the ease of maintenance and serviceability of the hvac equipment you choose. equip your hvac business with the best hvac equipment, and provide superior comfort and satisfaction to your clients while positioning yourself as a trusted and reliable subcontractor in the industry.

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a place for contractors to access the best content — articles, webinars, podcasts, industry-leading voices and expert advice, all in one place! for all these reasons and more, a pdf commercial bid template alone isn’t enough to help hvac service providers overcome all of the issues they face related to the bidding process. once you’ve input and double-checked all of your job information, you can save the file and attach it in an email to your customer.

in the absence of solid field service management software, commercial hvac techs will generally visit a job site and take all of the notes and photos that their company needs to create a bid. in contrast, servicetitan allows the office staff for hvac contractors to begin building an estimate while their tech is still on site. with the click of a button, servicetitan users — business owners and employees alike — can view all of their company’s open bids. with that key insight, hvac shops can follow-up on a bid within minutes of their customer reviewing it, putting them back in contact when the subject is fresh in the customer’s mind and they’re getting ready to make a decision.