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cleanguru is a unique, easy-to-use janitorial bidding software, trusted by today’s best cleaning businesses to create over 125,000 cleaning proposals. from calculating cleaning times and recommending specific prices to generate professional cleaning proposals you can email or print and deliver to your prospect, cleanguru does the hard part of bidding and proposal generating for you – wherever you go. then, since our cleaning business software is fully customizable, you can quickly create professional proposals guaranteed to impress even the toughest commercial or residential cleaning prospects – in minutes, rather than hours. but when you’re trying to grow a cleaning company while competing with franchises, national management outfits and local big guys, it can be even harder.

you can edit then print a cleaning bid to give to your prospect or instantly email it to them if you’d like. and, you’re going to love how cleanguru’s new email verification feature gives you the real-time delivery status of your email. plus, all first-time members receive a free 30-day trial membership so they can take this one-of-a-kind janitorial cleaning software for a test drive, check out all the incredible features for themselves and create professional proposals for all kinds of cleaning, including: these short demo videos will take you through the cleanguru janitorial business software and show you all of the exciting possibilities. watch some or all the testimonials and reviews from actual cleanguru members to hear how confident our janitorial bidding software makes them feel during sales presentations to prospective clients.

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each bid is specific to your facility and includes the same services. but if you were to choose bid #4, cmm reports that one of three things is likely to happen: (1), now that they’ve secured your account, the provider will most likely try to renegotiate prices with you after a few months. or (3), the price shows in the quality of services you are receiving and you frequently must make complaints. the provider will only add to your problems and cause more work for you down the line when you are searching for a replacement. before you make a selection, you need to understand what you want to achieve with your janitorial services. a bid is based on a variety of different factors: labor – the amount of time and work your services equate to. profit – every business needs to make a profit, the janitorial industry is no exception. when selecting or looking at bids, you should be asking questions to find out why there is such a variance.

make sure you are getting everything that you’ve asked for from the start. the point of the bid after all is to solve your problems and concerns. reducing costs also comes down to how up-to-date the provider is on the most effective techniques and equipment. they must also know how to handle cleaning specific to your industry. the hard costs involved should not be the only thing to consider when selecting a company. if you have to report an issue, it means you have to take the time away from what you are supposed to be doing to either report a complaint, schedule a meeting or have to arrange for something to be done again. it is the service providers job to make sure this is a hassle free process and that you don’t have to worry about the nuances of an inconsistent provider. take note of whether the provider is quick to respond by email, answers your calls, is on time to meetings and submits the bid on time. during the selection process, it’s a good time to ask as many questions as possible, and develop a relationship with the company you will potentially be hiring.

that said, if you get to the bids before competitors do, you may have a leg up simply by being there first. that’s why it’s so important to regularly check janitorial bidding websites in addition to using whatever other means you have of finding jobs to bid on. there are many ways to find jobs to bid on, including good old-fashioned networking, but one of the most common and easy to access are janitorial bidding websites. still, to get you started, here are seven of the best janitorial bidding websites out there that we’re sure your competition has already set their eyes on. you can browse bids or search by category, region, or service to narrow down the results.

this is a great resource to find some of the most coveted government contracts. this is one of the janitorial bidding websites that tells you which bids have been searched the most and which states are most active in bidding and contracting, giving you a little more insight into your competition. still, they can also get you connected with targeted opportunities and other service options to help you better hone your search, especially if you’re not on the market for government contracts right now. you can choose to be notified each day of new contracts that have come up in their system, and they offer other bid resources as well, such as insights, success stories, and state-specific resources. finally, bidsearch.com is a platform much like janitorial manager that will deliver government bids and rfps straight to your inbox with just a few clicks, ensuring that you’ll never miss a lead in your locale again. this service is paid, but they offer a fourteen-day free trial, so you can give it a test drive to see if it’s worth the cost.

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janitorial bid guide

if you own a janitorial business, you’re probably always on the lookout for new clients. when you put in a bid, you have the chance to show the engineer or property manager that you have the skills and expertise to meet their needs at a price they can afford. you can register your janitorial business for free in just a few minutes. or, if a client’s scope of work is detailed, you’ll know right away if you can handle the work and offer them a competitive price. resist the urge to promise more than you can deliver to increase your chances of getting the work.

when you are new and don’t have a lot of janitorial contracts, it may be tempting to reduce your rates to win the bid. add a percentage that you are comfortable with and call that your bottom dollar. show your future clients that you pay attention to the little things and can deliver to their specifications by presenting an impeccable bid that answers every question. be sure to include your certificate of insurance with your bid so the decision-makers know you are covered with general liability insurance. our custom pricing ensures that you only pay for the coverage you need for your janitorial business.

here’s a quick list of some of the best places to start: local government websites are a prime source for cleaning contract bids. pay special attention to the legal and business sections. by joining and engaging in groups related to the cleaning industry, you may come across leads. then, provide a brief introduction to your company and the services you offer. you might want to format your pricing in a table or a list to aid readability. you should also mention any services not included in the bid to avoid misunderstandings later. it ensures the client has a clear understanding of your services and prices.

include a list of cleaning supplies and equipment required for the job. this is part of how you’ll ensure the quality of your services. presenting your bid professionally and quickly can set you apart from the competition. include your cleaning company’s logo and contact information prominently on the document. and it’s a chance for you and the client to connect on a more personal level. don’t forget to account for any other materials required for the services you provide, too. creating a compelling narrative for your bid showcases the extra value you provide. tailor your bid to address the specific needs and concerns of the prospective client.