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i have the skill set you need to make this project a reality. in the example above, the cover letter begins with a sob story and there’s no clear mention of the freelancer’s skills or expertise. while adding a couple of graphic elements is cool and can make your proposal stand out, make sure that the graphics are neutral. in that scenario, your proposal may act as a summary to help the client determine the pricing for previously discussed services and deliverables. after reading this section, the client should have no doubts about what they’re paying for and what to expect for the duration of your project or contract.

the finished article will be uploaded to a task management tool of your choice and shared with the entire team. while your proposal, pricing, and executive summary sections need to be somewhat technical and detailed, this is a section in which you can address the client more directly. using easy-to-understand language, this document should specify the terms and conditions that both the client and you need to follow for a specific project. the purpose of this section is to either enter a contract, explain your terms and conditions, or write any other technical or legal summary. to land a job there, upwork recommends focusing on the client’s needs and highlighting exactly how your specific expertise can help solve their problems.

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this project will not be outsourced to any freelancer who ignores job post scope requirements. there is no need to address them in a job post, though. you think your experience is what it is because the freelancers are useless. i think your experience is what it is because you attract the freelancers you do attract, which then leads to the experience you have.

it’s low, especially when you ask for so much time to be spent on the proposal and have invited over 100 freelancers. it does not look like you can see it this way, but 43% is discouraging for any freelancer who puts any little effort in the proposal. you can be happy if you are getting any proposal at all.know where you stand at and what is at your reach, settle for the template proposals, because this is all you will get. this project will not be outsourced to any freelancer who ignores job post scope requirements. this is not a placeholder.

could you pull this into a formal project proposal and send it over to me via email?”uhhh…i’m sorry? this handy freelance project proposal template and companion guide are here to help you pull together a polished, professional project proposal that gets you one step closer to scoring that client. you can use this template time and time again (trust me, i do) to capture the important details of that potential project, align your expectations with your clients’, and look super professional while doing it. you’ll get two file versions (one for word and one for pages, so you can choose the one that suits you best) of this fully customizable template. all of the necessary content is ready for you in an easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank style.

so, within the simple template document, you can easily add your logo, customize the colors to match your own brand, and switch up the font—all without breaking a sweat. please note that the heavily-designed proposal pictured above is a finished sample to guide you. grab your template so you can feel confident and ready to sign on new clients, not scared and stressed! you’ll receive two file versions of the templates you order: one microsoft word template and one pages template. while they’re designed for use in your personal business and with your clients (which is why every template can be customized to your brand details! if you want more details about what is and isn’t allowed, you can check out the full terms and conditions right here.

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learn effective strategies and tips on how to write winning proposals as a freelancer. as a freelancer, writing winning proposals is a crucial skill that can make or break your success in securing projects and clients. in this article, we will dive into the essential elements of a winning proposal and provide you with valuable tips to enhance your proposal writing skills. take the time to read the project description and identify the client’s needs, objectives, and expectations. demonstrate your expertise by highlighting your relevant experience and skills in your proposal. this will instill confidence in the client and show that you are capable of delivering the desired results. clarity in the scope of work ensures that both parties are on the same page and minimizes potential misunderstandings. highlight the unique benefits and value you bring to the project.

explain how your skills and expertise align with the client’s goals, and outline the specific ways in which you can contribute to their success. avoid technical jargon that might confuse the client and focus on showcasing your skills in a way that is easily understandable. structure your proposal in a logical and organized manner. finally, include a strong conclusion that reiterates your value and expresses your interest in the project. use visuals strategically to support your points and enhance the overall readability of your proposal. take the time to personalize each proposal, addressing the client by name and referencing specific details from the project description. customizing your proposal shows that you have invested time and effort in understanding the client’s needs. clearly outline your pricing structure in the proposal, ensuring that it aligns with the client’s budget and expectations.