landscaping bid template

if you’re looking to bid on a landscaping job as a subcontractor, you have to know where to look for landscaping work and how to create a bid. before quoting a landscaping project, you must know the best projects to bid for your company. the specifications provide information on the materials to be used and how the work is to be performed. a quantity takeoff or material takeoff is a count of the materials and supplies needed to complete the specified work. estimate the type and size of equipment you’ll need and how long it will take you to complete the work.

you will need to complete the project. if you don’t have past project data to help you determine how long it will take, you can use a labor guide, like rsmeans. before sending your proposal it’s always a good idea to have it reviewed, math and all. also be sure to proofread your proposal and check formatting to ensure everything looks the way you want it to. if you’re a landscaping subcontractor and you want to see how planhub can help you expand your business, contact us today.

landscaping bid overview

if you haven’t bid a professional landscape job before or if you’re still new in bidding landscaping projects, it can be a little daunting to know where to start. before starting to estimate the property, take the time to get a good idea of what your client has in mind. this can be done with a tape measure, the time-old “footstep measurement,” or using a landscape bidding tool such as arborgold that uses a google maps api to highlight and estimate square footage within a property. this is one of the most important parts in bidding a landscape job because your accuracy determines whether or not your project will be profitable. this drawing will not only help to make sure you and your client are on the same page with the project, but it will also help you make sure you’re accurately costing the job and can help your team execute the job after you land it.

you can choose to communicate this in the bid to your client or can put it into the contract once the bid has been approved. make sure you will be turning a profit on the project by subtracting all of your projected costs from the price you provide in the bid. depending on the level of professionalism you’d like to present, you may want to include a cover letter, a brochure, or other information about why your client should choose your company for the job in your landscaping bid. the sooner you can get your bid into the hands of your prospective client, the better. it also gives you the opportunity to revise your bid if it seems like you may be underbid by a competitor. click “take a tour” to explore the features today!

once the bid is accepted, our software automatically converts it into a new invoice for your customer. it’s important to include the names and addresses for your business and customer on any bid you create. skynova’s template allows you to easily upload the image of your choice when creating a bid document. number makes it easier to track jobs and also lets you automatically convert your bids to invoices once they’re approved by the customer. when creating a bid for your customer, it’s important to accurately estimate the cost of landscaping and lawn care materials. under “unit price,” input the amount you’re charging for the job and the quantity of this job.

for instance, ahead of the hurricane season, you might offer a special on trimming trees. for instance, if you determine a pest infestation that you need to handle, this will increase the number of hours spent on the job, and you might have to call in an expert for this work. when discussing landscaping and lawn maintenance with a customer, be clear that costs for the initial work done and upkeep of their yard will be different. for instance, if you discover a dying tree upon further inspection of a yard, you might need to delay your work to address this issue. you also need to keep an organized office and stay up to date on your paperwork, which is a tedious job for most people. our software takes the burden of office work off your shoulders and lets you focus on your real passions.

landscaping bid format

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landscaping bid guide

here are some tips on how to get commercial landscaping contracts that will put you ahead of the curve and help you stay competitive. make sure your pricing reflects the value you bring to the job and do not underestimate or overestimate any aspect of the project. this will help establish trust with the client and can be the deciding factor in why they choose you over another bidder. create a timeline for the project that includes both your goals and those of the client. make sure to check for typos and ensure any terms and conditions are accurate before submitting the bid.

bidding for commercial landscaping contracts is a competitive process that requires you to tailor your proposal to the specific needs of the client. set yourself a reminder ahead of the due date to make sure you don’t forget and miss out on an opportunity! before submitting a bid, do your due diligence and make sure you can financially afford to take on the job. you want to make sure your contract complies with all laws and regulations. once you understand your prospects’ pain points and what influences them, you’ll be well on your way to bringing new leads into your sales funnel.

as a landscaping contractor, finding landscaping jobs to bid on, gathering the right information, and submitting landscaping bids can be the hardest part of your job. using your geographical coverage area and selecting landscaping as your trade, you will get a list of matching jobs and  projects. you can also filter your list by construction type, project type, building use, bid date, and sector and labor status.

one of the biggest advantages of bidding within planhub as a landscape contractor is that you can submit your landscaping bid to all general contractors linked to a project at once. expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips. with access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.