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the amount of time and resources needed to manage it infrastructure might make organizations forget about their core business and goals. however, apart from setting up the business and ensuring they have experts working, msps still have to acquire and keep their customers. being an msp means that organizations working with your company need it experts who can provide them with the strategic advice they need to succeed in their it infrastructure. they, therefore, want an msp that uses modern tools and follows the latest digital trends to improve the performance of their businesses.

it should also show them how the msp can anticipate their technology needs and prepare their it resources to ensure business success. this is important in showing potential customers how committed they are to ensuring that business operations are not interrupted. organizations understand how critical cybersecurity is to the success of their businesses. an msp proposal should show potential clients that the msp understands how the cloud works and how it will use it to improve the operations of its clients. it is through this proposal that it attracts and maintains its customers.

managed services proposal overview

an msp proposal is more than a simple list of services and their respective prices; it is a highly customized and tailored document that outlines your specific solution to the client’s it needs. if you are working as an msp and finding it difficult to close new business deals, the issue may lie in your proposal writing. once you understand your customer’s specific needs, wants, and pain points, you can then begin crafting a proposal tailored specifically to them. this is your chance to really sell yourself and your msp business. if you can accomplish this, the rest of the proposal will be much easier to write. clients can find general information from your website – they don’t need a run-down of your mission statement and your offered services in the proposal.

because it gives customers a tangible timeline they can visualize and begin to align their expectations with your deliverables. remember that the goal here is to give the client a realistic idea of what to expect; don’t try to over-promise and run the risk of under-delivering. for this reason, it is generally best practice to include some sort of pricing information in your proposal. again, this is why proposals should never be boilerplate; you need to think about the client’s specific needs so that their price estimate is as accurate as possible. keep your proposal short, sweet, and to the point. book a free demo and enjoy sherpadesk’s world-class onboarding service for you and your team. a programmer by trade, nick is a freelance writer and entrepreneur with a penchant for helping people achieve their business goals.

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managed services proposal format

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managed services proposal guide

chances are, you are not aiming to provide a once-off solution to your client with your managed services proposal. rather, you are hoping to establish a beneficial long-term relationship and partnership. you should indicate that you are happy to answer any questions they may have and are here to provide long-term support. you should be transparent about these terms from the beginning. you also want to be upfront about all of your charges in your managed services proposal. you want to be told what you need to know in a manner that you can understand. show potential clients everything they will be getting out of your service. you are going to be making many msp proposals.

you will want each one to have a personal touch and be customized for the potential client. we have set out the most important of these below, and how you should deal with them when filling out your template. clients won’t want to use your solution if they don’t think you understand the problems the solution is addressing. here, you need to outline your solution to the client’s problem. you should include all of your pricing information at the same place in your msp proposal. so, dedicate a portion of your template to dealing with all the pricing information so that you won’t blindside your clients later on. time is money, and you want to show the clients that you will not waste their time. this should be realistic as you want to be able to deliver on your promises. this will allow you to make a convincing managed service proposal pdf or managed service proposal doc whenever you need one.

with long-term business relationships in your sights, there are a lot of expectations to be managed on either side of the bargaining table. a service level agreement (sla) is a contract that in many ways sets the tone of the relationship between vendor and client.

below is an example of contract language related to a client’s failure to pay that can be included in a managed service agreement: failure to pay: if payment is not received by the first of the month for that month of service msp reserves the right to put a hold on rendering on-site and remote services until the monthly fee has been paid, provided msp gives a five (5) business day notice of late payment. the pandemic is a great example of how external forces beyond your control can quickly impact both your business and your clients. if your agreement has fallen behind your offerings or business needs in terms of service offerings to clients, contract language, and payment terms, then now is the time to update it.