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throughout this post, we will cover different management reporting examples for different industries and departments to help you understand the power of these modern reports. considering that financial reports have to hit certain legal deadlines and that any additional information will cause them to be prepared in a more time-intensive way, this approach of “hybridizing” financial reports into management + financial report is not recommended for this type of reporting. and the junior marketing manager is going to be interested in different data than the head of marketing. our next management reporting best practice zooms out of hard data and figures to focus more on the style and how to present your raw content. an important best practice for management reporting is to ditch the paper-based reports and go digital. our saas executive dashboard is an excellent example of a visually balanced management report format: the primary focus of this particular reporting example is to provide a customer-centric view of the costs, revenue, and performance stability of your saas-based activities from a senior standpoint.

to extract the maximum potential out of your management reports, you need to make sure you invest in a tool that will make your reporting process easier, automated, and time-efficient. in that case, you should create a tight-knit workgroup of relevant specialists within your organization to gather on a regular basis and assess the relevance of your kpis or metrics. when considering the contents of a good management report, it’s always important to look at how your visualizations and design layout create a timeline or that allows you to formulate initiatives that will benefit the business both in the moment and in the future. that said, if you want to maximize the power and wider organizational values of your data-driven reporting efforts, you should make it a key component of your company culture. it’s clear that by embracing the wealth of digital data available to your business and harnessing it effectively, you stand to make the kind of management decisions that will drive your organization forward with force, accelerating your success in the process. combine this concept with the help of our bi dashboard software that will empower you to work on the evolution of your data in real-time while enabling you to create efficient dashboards, and you will drive your business well above the competition.

as a manager, your job is to set the directions for your organization, identify issues that require your attention or the attention of others in your workplace, and plan for the future. managerial accounting reports, for example, are a mainstay of a company’s financial reporting. managers may be expected to prepare several different types of financial reports: budgets: these managerial reports anticipate future needs, typically for the upcoming year or for the next several years. in order for your firm to prepare its regular – typically annual and quarterly – financial statements, each department manager will contribute a report on cash flow, expenses and income for his or her department. your colleagues will need to be convinced, however, that a new project is worth the time, expense and staff commitment.

you will probably be expected to prepare a number of managerial reports that revolve around your staff and human resources more generally. you will also be preparing regular staff evaluations that may go to the employees themselves, or to other segments of your organization, or both. for example, a serious incident of sexual harassment, a complaint about handicap-inaccessible restrooms, or evidence of hate speech may need to be brought to the attention of your legal department or company executives. check within your organization to see if there is a particular managerial report format that is expected for the document you’re preparing. david sarokin is a well-known internet specialist with publications in a wide variety of business topics, from the best uses of information technology to the steps for incorporating your business.

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