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the foster school of business at the university of washington did not reach 100% mba employment for its latest graduating class in 2019. but the fact that it might have tells you all you need to know. looking at p&q‘s top 25 schools — which, taken as a group, are nearly identical to u.s. news‘ — 11 schools have seen their 90-day employment numbers drop over the last two years, one school is even, and 13 schools are up. that’s a slightly worse picture than the previous two-year window (2017 and 2018), when only seven schools were down, two even, and 16 up. the biggest jump in that span: usc’s marshall school of business, which improved the most among p&q top 25 schools after climbing from 81% in 2015 to 95.2%, a 17.5% improvement. “foster has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and this is what we hear from our employers,” says naomi sanchez, assistant dean of mba career management and corporate recruiting.

we are and will be using these tools and others with companies and students when necessary.” in u.s. news‘ new ranking, the top school for average starting pay — salary plus bonus — is no. 1 wharton, at $172,016, followed by no. in all, 12 schools in the top 25 of the new ranking report salaries above $160,000, and 17 above $150,000. the manderson school is one of only three schools in the top 50 with only five-figure starting pay, the other two being arizona eller ($94,084), ranked 46th, and utah eccles ($97,627), 48th. in the less-important but still commonly reported figure for mbas employed at graduation time, virginia darden is the top school at 89.9%, followed by michigan ross (87.5%), chicago booth (87.2%), emory goizueta (86.5%), and washington foster (86.2%).

about half of the class of 2021 graduates of these leading northeast mba programs accepted jobs in the northeast u.s. the northeast does include the finance and tech hubs in both new york city and boston, so it is understandable that northeast based mba programs would help graduates land jobs in both cities. in contrast to the u.s. full-time mba programs located in the northeast and west, 2021 graduates of midwest mba programs are well represented in multiple regions: the northeast, midwest and west. of the wharton class of 2021 graduates accepting jobs, 47.5% went to the northeast and 25.6% to the west.

of the class of 2021 graduates seeking jobs, fuqua’s job placement location data is pretty balanced by region, sending 27% to the west, 22% to the northeast and 20% to the south. in fact, these mba programs’ proximity to global cities with leading global firms is a key advantage.” in contrast, mba graduates from top mba programs located farther away from the headquarters of global firms are more likely to leave the region of their mba program to land a position. join the clear admit community for free and conduct unlimited searches of mba livewire, mba decisionwire, mba applywire and the interview archive.

45 mba programs where grads find jobs fast ; pennsylvania state university—university park (smeal) 51 86.3% ; arizona state university (w.p. carey) 76 86.8%. washington foster reported that 98.9% of its class of 2019 mbas found work three months after finishing their degrees, well ahead of the post-mba careers in tech are a very popular option for mba graduates, whether they choose to join a large company like google, amazon, or, .

full-time mba employment stats 94 of students has full-time job offers within 3 months of graduation 100,048. average salary reported by 2021 full-time mba #3 school for mba job placement (financial times) employment data for the uw foster school of business full-time mba program is compiled from responses stern graduates are exceptional ; $155,000. median salary for the two-year full-time mba class of 2021 ; $35,000. median signing bonus ; 100%. one hundred percent, .

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