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here are a few tried-and-true steps that you can follow to nail the process: understanding your prospect’s vision for their social media presence—and how that vision fits in with their business goals—is the keystone of your proposal. for example, your prospect might  know that they get a lot of traffic to their website from facebook. this knowledge can provide a range of insights into how you might want to shape your prospect’s strategy. now it’s time to put all of your thoughts and insights together, along with a plan of action. this section should include a high-level overview of you and your company’s business experience, the business needs of your prospect, and how you intend to help them meet their goals.

this sets you up for success and helps the prospect understand your quantitative impact to their business. will you be physically logging into the customer’s social media accounts to execute your strategy, or will you provide them with a list of strategic tasks that they’ll complete internally? it may also help to provide a few different payment options that the prospect can choose from, depending on both the scope of your project and how you prefer to be paid (i.e. and the way to ensure that you can deliver on your proposed success is by using the right tools for support. with tools to keep you organized and on track, flexible views that highlight your customer’s unique priorities, and seamless integration with your existing platforms, you’ll be totally free to focus on your most important tasks.

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this guide will walk you through the essential elements to include in your social media proposal template to win over new clients confidently and at scale. a streamlined social media proposal kickstarts the conversation and sets your agency apart. upselling is an opportunity to share with existing clients the exciting social media services your marketing agency offers that they haven’t yet explored, making it the perfect time to share a social media proposal. before you start writing your proposal, a social media marketer should take the time to understand your client’s needs, goals, and current social media presence. ensure that these personas match the overall social media goals and that the connection is clear as a bell to your potential clients. once your agency has completed the research phase and has strategized, it’s time to put together your social media proposal.

remind your prospective client of their problem or need and state the results your agency expects from your social media marketing efforts. clearly outline how you will reach the client’s social media goals presented and showcase their social presence in more detail to bring everyone on the same page: instantly create a social media audit for your clients with a live social media dashboard template that connects to all your clients’ social media marketing channels. unlike a marriage proposal, in which success can be defined by a simple yes or no reply, the success of social media campaigns is complex and nuanced. at this point in the social media marketing proposal, you’ve demonstrated that you understand the prospect’s business and goals and have a strategy to achieve them. this is the part in your social media proposal template where you add references and supporting documentation that you alluded to but didn’t fully include for the sake of keeping your social media proposal as short as possible. to make sure your social media proposal is the one that sweeps them off their feet, work from a predefined and customizable social media proposal template. add clarity to your marketing decisions with a social media proposal template.

the first thing your client sees is a beautifully designed cover, fit for a world class social media expert. you can change the text, your logo and the background image if you like – this gets you started. completely valid questions and ones you don’t need to worry about now. in this social media management proposal template, the page detailing the work you’re going to do is done, the structure is laid out. explaining the social media management process can be difficult. the number of social media experts that simply put examples of their work in their proposal templates is shocking. all you need to do is replace our example with one of yours and use the structure we’ve used.

in this automatically calculated pricing table, all you do is put the numbers in, type a quick 1-line description of the service and the quote part of your proposal is done. this proposal template comes with a ‘next steps’ page which you shouldn’t need to alter at all. when your client signs, you can see your digital signature certificate in your better proposals account. we’ve scoured the world for experts to lend their contracts they use in their businesses for you to use. the sooner and the easier you can get that money in your account the better. you will never have to worry about copywriting proposals again because we have the exact predesigned elements you need in order to sell copywriting services. if you provide wordpress website design, you’ll need a way to present your previous work, your process, the expected roi, your prices and more. import your contacts from a crm, receive payments, chat with prospects and manage projects.

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