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merlin project is the standard for project management in industries such as architecture & construction, media & agencies, research & development, education and others. with merlin project, you simply create the flow of your tasks, determine duration and dependencies, and define fixed milestones. or start your project with brainstorming in the intuitive mind map. merlin project automatically transfers your input to the work breakdown view. very often considerations and reasons for decisions get lost in the thicket of all e-mails. merlin project is a valuable tool here as well. comment and discuss your project, every single activity, every resource and every attachment in the project team. as the project progresses, move them to the right until they finally end up in the completed column. in the assignments view, you can see at a glance which tasks are due for each employee at what time.

find critical overloads and distribute the work in your team with just a few gestures – even across several projects. not only attach any files to tasks in your project, but also additional information: for example, use checklists to organize smaller tasks and manage upcoming project deadlines. whether in the office, in the home office or on all paths in between: with merlin project your team works with up-to-date project data in every situation. if you are offline, merlin project synchronizes everything as soon as the internet is back for you – guaranteed without annoying conflict files. so many project cooks don’t spoil the broth anymore. just enlarge this example in the preview app. merlin project is also a reliable tool on the iphone. all data and key figures are always available in a compact format. if you want to see your project plan graphically, simply rotate your iphone into landscape format. in general, no matter where your data comes from, with merlin project you almost always have a way to import it.

this is the only software i have found that allows the user to go from a mind map to gantt. being a user of planning software since the 90s (super project plus) and having used microsoft project, primavera and a number of other tools like asana, i’ve grown used to merlin project so bad that i can’t get myself to use any other tool for this. being able to export files for microsoft project is nice but it’s not 100% compatible so i frequently end being the only user and maintainer of the plans. since merlin reads and writes ms project files, i think it is a viable alternative for almost any project manager for almost any project. for additional information see our website ( or ) i believe that merlin is the best project management software available today. overall, merlin project is a very user friendly software. as a result, i can focus almost all of my attention to the planning itself – instead of figuring out the gantt chart setup.. merlin project allows you to either type in your project’s phases or drag-n-draw them directly on the gantt chart.

in my next project planning, i seek to explore the library. – the inspector is quite hard to figure out. merlin project introduced some very dark gray areas in the interface (the inspector part) that i’m not so fond of. the resources well is for fast creating resources and add them to the project. it has all the functionality i need to set and adjust dependencies and manage workloads as a project progresses and is a great solution for project management on the mac. it has all the functionality and features i need to build project schedules and manage them from day-to-day to ensure they stay on time and on budget. i was the only one in the company using it and it was costly.

the most beautiful gantt chart in the world. impress your boss with high-quality diagrams from merlin project. export beautiful pixel images in any resolution projectwizards develops and sells merlin project, the magical project management app for mac, iphone and ipad. merlin project allows you to either type in your project’s phases or drag-n-draw them directly on the gantt chart. this way, you’ll have a good overview, merlin project, merlin project, merlin project download, microsoft project.

merlin project express is the slickest project management app for the mac – optimized for home and semi-professional users. merlin project review: ‘merlin project is the gold standard for project management file transfer; gantt charts; google apps integration; lead management merlin project express – gantt download and install for your computer – on windows pc 10, windows 8 or windows 7 and macintosh macos 10 x, mac 11 and above,, .

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