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every successful business took a lot of planning to get there, and these templates will be cornerstones of your future success. whether you’re looking to attract new business, pitch your services or reimagine your company, with these simple, customizable templates at your fingertips you can turn complexity into something tangible. these templates can become marketing assets or simply remain internal touchpoints for your team. and as your dreams change, you’ll always have this template to refer to – it’s easy to change what exists on paper. if you’re a small business, focusing on your niche can help you dominate in your field, and you can forge a plan to figure out exactly what that niche might be and how to target your ideal customer. when it’s time to share your vision with stakeholders, craft a presentation that outlines your plan succinctly and with style. let these templates from microsoft designer be your partner in business strategy for years to come.

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office 365 business plans are suitable for businesses that have less than 300 users. if you don’t need microsoft office applications, go with the most basic plan – office 365 business essentials (now called as microsoft 365 business basic). at $8.25 user/month, office 365 business (now called as microsoft 365 apps for business) is a standard plan includes microsoft office applications along with onedrive for business. in addition to all the features of the above plans, office 365 business premium (now called as microsoft 365 business standard) has more advanced features priced at $12.50 user/month. office 365 business essentials is most compatible with the latest version of office, office 2013, and office 2011 for mac.

microsoft 365 is a bundle of services including office 365, comprising of microsoft services including windows 10 enterprise. office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite which is a bundle of popular microsoft apps. you can even add multiple domains and sub-domains to office 365 and host any of the services, including email, on any of the domains that you add. you do not need to have a desktop version of office to use office 365 business essentials. however, you will have a richer experience and also be able to work offline when you connect a desktop version of office to the office 365 services and get it in sync.

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