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in this blog, we will discuss the process of writing your master’s thesis proposal and give you tips for making your proposal strong. the primary goal of your research thesis should be to enhance your understanding of your research topic and to contribute something new to your field of study. when a research proposal is presented, the reader will determine the validity of your argument by judging the strength of your evidence and conclusions. you have to include all the sources from where you have formed your argument and mention them in the thesis proposal.

universities might also define the number of words in the guidelines for your master’s thesis proposal and you have to adhere to that word limit. it is a no-brainer that the opening statement of your proposal should be powerful enough to grasp the attention of the readers and get them interested in your research topic. the comments and suggestions that they give will be valuable in helping you to make the language of your proposal clearer. the time taken to write a master’s thesis proposal depends upon the study which you are undertaking and your discipline of research. if you are recommended a specific font in the proposal guidelines by your institution, it would be advisable to stick to that.

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