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the nih congressional justification (“cj”) provides the senate and house appropriations committees detailed estimates and justifications for research and research support activities (infrastructure, administrative, etc.) this section also provides nih budget and employment summary tables (consolidated from those of all nih’s institutes and centers) and, justifications and tables for centrally provided services (the nih management fund, and the nih service and supply fund).

links to this documentation is provided here: institutes and centers congressional justifications to support the nih mission to uncover new knowledge and transform health care with responsive, accurate, and timely budget and performance management information. if the content is stored on an ic web site, contact the web administrator for that ic.

nih budget justification overview

if the sponsor does not provide a budget justification form or list specific budget justification instructions in the guidelines, the justification should include a detailed explanation for each budget category. typical budget categories include: senior/key personnel, other personnel, equipment, travel, other direct costs (materials and supplies, publication costs, consultant services, computer services, subcontracts, tuition, participant incentives, etc.) nsf sample budget and justification [pdf]: this is a simple example of a national science foundation proposal budget with a detailed budget justification for each budget category on the last page. the modular budget should have a personnel justification. nih research and related budget: all cost categories for the budget should be explained in detail on the budget justification.

note: if the proposal budget has $500,000 or more in direct costs during a yearly budget period, the pi should contact the nih staff member listed in the funding announcement. if approved by nih, the written approval must be attached to the proposal package. nih research and budget form notes: there is no page limit for an nih budget justification. each budget category used should be justified: nih application guide [pdf]: this guide provides general guidance for nih and other public health service agency proposals. this will allow sam to verify the use of correct calculations and rates. if a sponsor requires specific budget forms, upload those in uscera too.

the applicant requests funds in increments of $25,000 “modules.” up to 10 modules ($250,000) may be requested for direct costs in each budget period of the project. usually, the same number of modules should be requested in each budget period of the project. if the project has specific costs that will require a different number of modules in one or more project budget periods, the budget justification must explain why. budget categories allowed in modular budget justifications are personnel, consortium (subrecipients), and variation in the number of modules requested. equipment should only be justified if it is the reason you are requesting a different number of modules in one or more budget periods.

list all personnel, including names, number of person months devoted to the project (indicate academic, calendar, and/or summer), and roles on the project. provide effort and a role description for each of the personnel included in the subrecipient’s budget. do not include justification for any of the subrecipient’s other costs (supplies, travel etc). upload the justification for the subrecipient(s) in kuali research using attachment type phs_modbud_consortiumjustif explain variations in the number of modules requested. some common reasons for costs varying are major equipment purchases, costs of purchasing expensive supplies in bulk, and variation in the number of personnel or amount of effort for personnel in the budget periods. the university of maryland, baltimore is the founding campus of the university system of maryland.

nih budget justification format

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