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the issue is being investigated and will be resolved as soon as possible. professor _______ will be responsible for the overall administration and direction of the project. mit fully supports the academic year salary of professors, associate professors and assistant professors, but makes no specific commitment of academic year time or salary to this particular research project. the research scientist will be will be paid a salary rate of $_______  per year, based on experience. (9) ]  100% of the ra salary is charged to the research project. post-doctoral associate(s): one post-doctoral associate is budgeted for three calendar months in years 1 through 3. the post-doc will be responsible for__________________. fringe rates are set by mit at the current negotiated rates for budgeting purposes: (fy23 rates: on-campus eb 22.7%, va 6.0%; off-campus eb 20.2%, va 9.6%; fy24 rates: on-campus eb 23.2%, va 7.4%; off-campus eb 20.7%, va 10.1%).

participant support costs:  funds are requested to support [#] of non-mit participants in the [name of event] to be held during [dates] at [location]. approximate travel costs are as follows: international travel:  funds are budgeted for the [  example: pi, co-i, or ra   ] to attend either one international conference per year of this project to present research results and/or to travel to collaborate with colleagues. approximate travel costs are as follows:  the money will be spent on ________________________. due to the fundamental research nature of the project, materials costs are estimated based on the pi’s knowledge of prior projects of similar scope, and no further breakdown of materials is available. the subawardee will be responsible for __________________________________. in accordance with mit’s negotiated rate agreement with the office of naval research the facilities and administrative (f&a) rate for fy23-24 is 59.0% on-campus and  is 6.2% off-campus on a modified total direct costs (mtdc) basis. the fy23-24 rate is also used in budgeting subsequent years.

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in additional to overseeing his responsibility on the project, he/she will assist the pi as outlined in the research proposal and co-supervise the gsr. the rate for in-state remission is (insert rate) per semester, which is escalated annually in the budget at a rate of (insert percentage) % per year.

estimated breakdown of costs are as follows: equipment budget of $61,000 is requested for the entire project period and will be used solely for the benefit of the research project as follows: total year 2: $17,000 for gamma-ray spectrometers and integration with contextual sensors. subawards: funding (direct and indirect costs) is requested to establish a subaward with the university of toledo for the purpose of carrying out the following scope of work in support of berkeley’s project. indirect costs are based on university negotiated rates with the cognizant federal authority and are applied at a rate of (insert percentage) % for the entire project period using the modified total direct cost (mtdc) formula as per the approved rate agreement dated (insert date).

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