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a lock (locklocked padlock) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. your proposal budget outlines how much money you are requesting from the u.s. national science foundation, by category, to complete your proposed project. this page provides an overview of requirements for the proposal budget. proposals to nsf can typically include the following categories in their budget.

refer to pappg ii.d.2.f for the full budget justification requirements. nsf requires you to submit an indirect cost rate proposal if your organization doesn’t have a negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (nicra) with a federal agency and wants to request indirect costs in excess of the 10% de minimis rate. various federal requirements apply to awards made by nsf and serve as the basis for cost analysis, pre-award and resolution and advanced monitoring oversight activities performed by nsf. program requirements and other information can be found on the sbir/sttr phase ii administrative/financial reviews page.

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in 1981, the office of management and budget (omb) introduced a proposal to reduce the nsf social sciences directorate’s budget by 75%. [10] in 2012, political science research was barred from nsf funding by the passage of the flake amendment,[11] breaking the precedent of granting the nsf autonomy to determine its own priorities. [18] in this report, vannevar bush, then head of the office of scientific research and development which began the manhattan project, addressed plans for the postwar years to further foster government commitment to science and technology. the bills called for the creation of a centralized science agency, but differed in governance and research supported. [24] during the 1960s, the impact of the sputnik crisis spurred international competition in science and technology and accelerated nsf growth.

the nsf expanded these laboratories into a nationwide network of materials research science and engineering centers. nsf joined with other federal agencies in the national nanotechnology initiative, dedicated to the understanding and control of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. in 2014, nsf awarded rapid response grants to study a chemical spill that contaminated the drinking water of about 300,000 west virginia residents. [49] in addition, an early career-development program (career) supports teacher-scholars that most effectively integrate research and education within the mission of their organization, as a foundation for a lifetime of integrated contributions. [68] it has a primary goal of the support of use-inspired research and the translation of research results to the market and society. [83][84][85] the report found fault with various research projects and was critical of the social sciences.

the national science foundation’s budget increased by 12% to $9.87 billion for fiscal year 2023, short of the 19% increase the biden administration requested and the 35% increase congress targeted in the chips and science act . congress is likewise pursuing this goal, in part by expanding the established program to stimulate competitive research (epscor), which sets aside funds for states and territories that have historically received a small share of total nsf funding. the chips and science act also requires nsf to allocate at least 15.5% of its research funding to institutions in epscor jurisdictions in fiscal year 2023, ramping up to 20% by fiscal year 2029. it is unclear whether nsf will meet the target, which the act permits the agency to undershoot if it proves not to be “practicable.” semiconductor funding.

nsf is directed to increase funding for its clean energy and climate research portfolio to at least $970 million, up from the $900 million minimum specified last year. congress also directed nsf to allocate up to the requested $50 million within its research account for the mid-scale research infrastructure-1 program, which funds projects below $20 million. together with our member societies, we convey a unifying message for stakeholders in government, academia, the nonprofit and private sectors.

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nsf is expanding its directorate for technology, innovation, and partnerships (tip) — and working to quell the perception that tip’s new funding would otherwise have gone to existing directorates. in other words, tip aims to beef up nsf innovation. ultimately, congress fell short of those targets: it gave nsf almost $9.9 billion, and the agency has decided to allocate about $880 million to tip — less than chips act ambitions, but still a hefty amount that effectively doubles tip’s budget. for instance, the math and physical sciences (mps) directorate budget is growing 4% to $1.7 billion — leading some scientists to raise concerns that tip’s growth may be squeezing other nsf programs.

nsf budget director caitlyn fife said at the advisory committee meeting that part of tip’s budget is “going to support basic research activities back in the [other] directorates.” other nsf staff reiterated tip’s popularity on capitol hill. “we are on the radar now.” and tip’s growth is poised to continue. fife noted that nsf is seeking to increase the directorate’s budget by 35% to $1.2 billion in fiscal year 2024, which would make it similar in size to the directorate for computer sciences and engineering. ©1995 – 2024, american physical society aps encourages the redistribution of the materials included in this newspaper provided that attribution to the source is noted and the materials are not truncated or changed.