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automate your sales process and always follow up at the right time. “this tool has been not only a time saver for me, but an absolute game changer as to how i prepare and share proposals with existing and prospective clients. i can make my proposals as attractive and image intensive as a website.

i love the way they look on a mobile device as well (fully responsive).” “they’ve nailed the whole package and are improving constantly, based on what their customers are requesting and need to win more business. they are on it. they really do care about serving us and providing the best tool possible to help us win more deals and achieve success.” besides creating a sense of urgency in negotiations, setting document expiry dates also helps you keep better track of your pipeline.

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make your online offer from pdf in a click, share it with your client as an individual link, and get notified when they read it. with flippingbook, though, you get to do even more than just captivate your lead with great visuals—share your proposal as a link, track the lead’s activity with it, and contact them at just the right time! upload your pdf proposal to flippingbook to start the conversion process. choose a background template or upload your own, edit the color palette, brand the offer with your company’s logo and favicon. when you’re done, share your business proposal with your client as a public or a trackable individual link, or embed it into your website. no more bulky attachments—just copy and send your client a public link to your product proposal. if you need more data on your lead’s activity with your offer, create a trackable individual link to it.

24 background templates, color palette, paperback and hardcover options—it’s up to you to decide how stunning your proposal can be. give your business offer a professional look and feel by adding your company’s logo and a favicon to match. no matter how many changes you need to make in your proposal or how often, you can always update it in a click without breaking the publication link. give your sales team simultaneous access to the most up-to-date content with shared folders and documents, while also creating a private digital workspace for each sales rep. create eye-catching digital offers with our digital proposal maker in no time, whether you prefer a desktop solution or a web-based tool. if you need to convert your business offer or proposal into pdf first, we advise you to read our blog post the best pdf creating tools for non-designers. choose the one that answers your needs best, create a pdf out of your digital proposal, and then upload it to flippingbook. connect canva with flippingbook and send your pdf seamlessly to our tool to turn it into a flipbook. however, if you use flippingbook publisher and host publications on your own server, the number of flipbooks you can make and publish is unlimited.

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