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increase your close rate by 18% with pandadoc; far more than your standard online proposal software. increase your close rate by 18% with pandadoc; far more than your standard online proposal software. create professional, error-free documents with pre-built templates, customizable formatting, a drag & drop library of content, esignature functionality, and data from your crm. sending out a professional proposal is just the first step. with brand-approved templates and optional content locking, you stay in control of the look, feel, and actions within every sales proposal going out the door.

you can upload a contract or proposals, assign fields and send it in a couple minutes. the right proposal management tools decrease the creation time of professional-looking, media-rich proposals proven to close more deals and shorten your sales cycle. your proposal should include media (photos or videos), cpq functionality, crm and payment integrations, an opportunity for the customer to sign off electronically, and advanced analytics so you can close deals faster and accelerate your sales cycle. the best proposal software speeds up the process of proposal writing, while ensuring documents always look professional and engaging. another time-saver with business proposal software is the ability to auto-fill relevant fields with tokens, pulling in data from your crm. workflow optimization and document analytics are features of the best online proposal software, as is built-in payment collection.

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having a proposal on hand is a great way to keep your project organized and ensure everyone is on the same page. in the remainder of this proposal, [] will learn more about the objective, project background, activities involved in completing this project, potential challenges, risk factors, and success measures. it’s a good idea to include a brief project scope in this project proposal template. to the best of your ability, estimate the costs of this project in material costs and labor hours for both initial outlay and recurring maintenance.

at the conclusion of the project, [] will have conclusive evidence of the project’s success in the form of (describe what the completed project will result in). deliverables for this project will/will not arrive in phases (elaborate on the phases of particular deliverables if applicable). the effective date of this agreement is (enter the effective date). this template will help you make your project proposal look professional and factor in all essentials. links to such third party materials are for your convenience and does not constitute an endorsement of such third party materials.

pandadoc provides an array of powerful tools, including automated workflows, esign capabilities, and detailed real-time proposal analytics. the pandadoc suite of management tools simplifies and streamlines the process of creating proposals. at pandadoc, we understand that automation is the future of sales, and we’ve built automation right into the heart of our software. our library of integrations enables pandadoc to slot into any existing tech stack without any trouble. our software works with a majority of crms and also links up with a range of third-party tools for frictionless data-sharing and automation. pandadoc reusable templates enable your sales team to make stunning proposals in a fraction of the time it would usually take. pandadoc is easy to implement across the whole company and even easier to learn. in fact, most of our clients are up and running within one day.

the dashboard provides you with all the information you need to stay up-to-date with exactly what’s happening with your documents. choose from dozens of crm integrations, including hubspot, salesforce, pipedrive, microsoft dynamics and more. you can also connect to an array of cloud storage services, payment processors, customer service platforms, and analytics tools. with our api and zapier integrations, you can add another layer of custom productivity to your workflows. we cover all the bases, from document creation to analytics and electronic signatures, payment integrations, and a host of automation features. our powerful reporting enables you to track the performance of both your sales team and your personalized proposals. we offer a range of pricing options. our business plan is best for teams on the expansion fast-track and the enterprise plan caters to larger teams. we offer a 14-day free trial to help you evaluate if pandadoc is a fit for your business.

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