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if you are looking to grow your business, a partnership with another company or organization can be a great way to expand your reach and increase your revenue. at [your company name], we specialize in [insert a brief description of your company and services/products offered]. we have been following your company for some time now and are impressed with your [insert specific thing you admire about the company].

specifically, we believe our [insert specific services/products] could complement your existing offerings and help you reach a wider audience. we would love to discuss this further with you at your convenience. writing an email to request a partnership can be a daunting task, but following these tips and best practices will help you craft a compelling and persuasive email. you can find shiva on linkedin or email him at shiva(at)

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forge lasting partnerships seamlessly with’s partnership letter templates. elevate your partnership journey – create, customize, and collaborate with confidence, only at do you need to write a partnership letter to iron out the details of some business matters that need to be attended to?

choose from template examples that cover everything, from new business partnership proposals, collaboration requests, partnership agreements, or dissolution of partnership, to letters of welcome or thank you to a new partnership. edit your chosen partnership template online to conform to your requirements for a long letter of support, a hotel partnership confirmation letter, a real estate partnership, a letter requesting partnership with a university, or partnership letters of intent or termination. 1. heading 2. date 3. recipient information (contact person, designation, company name, address) 4. salutation 5. body 6. complimentary close 7. signature the purpose of the partnership letter is to highlight your business-related intentions. with that being said, a partnership letter should not exceed one page with 300 to 500 word count.

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