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vendor payment proposal automations use the process automation framework. in the weekly view, the process automation for vendor payment proposals will appear on the days that are selected in the occurrence pattern. if you use this default value, the process will select all invoices for payment when the process is run, because no “to” date has been defined. if this option is set to yes, use the number of days adjustment for minimum payment date field to define the minimum payment date as the specified number of days before or after the date when the process runs.

the number of days adjustment for minimum payment date field is set to -2. if the payment process automation starts on wednesday, march 25, all invoices that are due on or before march 26 will be included in the payment proposal. after the vendor payment proposal automation series is created, the occurrences for each payment are shown in the process automation weekly view. after the payments are created, you can view the payment amounts in the journal. the process automation framework lets you edit the payment, the series, and the occurrences that are created for the payment proposal. you can also edit the payment proposal criteria, if changes are required.

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ensuring your vendor payments are in order is essential in keeping track of the money you pay to your vendors and what that money is going towards. as you can see in the picture below, there are many open invoices that need to be paid. note: if you want the system to present payment proposal records so you can view them before bringing them back into the vendor payment, ensure the toggle button under “create payments without invoices” is set to “no.” once you are done filtering return to the previous screen and finish inputting the information needed to create the payment proposal. that will come in handy if you have a legal entity in another country (canada, for example) that does not have an accounts payable department and you need to pay their vendors for them.

you can do this by setting the toggle button under “delete negative payments” to “yes”. you can remove it from that specific proposal. you can track invoices that each check is paying and view specific lists by clicking on “view marked transactions.” additionally, you can also remove items from this view if you missed them in the previous view. we have a team of experts who can help you with this and answer your dynamics 365 finance and operations questions. we’d love to talk to you about the right business solutions to help you achieve your goals.

this feature was released in the summer of 2020, and i think it is a tremendous timesaver. if your company has scheduled days to process ap payments and you find yourself waiting for the payment proposal process to complete, then you will love this! 18. the list of established payment proposals is stored in the process automation window. the schedule is on the right-hand side. you can view edit delete any of the scheduled occurrences. 1. the user will open the automatically created payment journal and review the data rather than executing the proposal immediately prior. as always, please test any new or updated business processes in an environment designated for testing before implementing them in a production environment. this change will be a very rewarding one to refine and test before moving to production! it’s our mission to help clients win. we’d love to talk to you about the right business solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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