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the first and often biggest challenge with pitching for new work is the time needed to prepare a good proposal. these interactions are critical in your ability to create a good proposal and build rapport with the client. to get this right, fully immerse yourself in the client’s business and understand it deeply—even in a short amount of time. if a client wants you to design and build an ecommerce website but only has $50,000 to spend, the solution you propose will be very different from if they had $500,000. now they want you to come in for the final stage and pitch for the work in person.

during this session, you and your team collaborate with the prospective clients to develop the direction of the project solution together. i firmly believe that if you pay attention to the details of design and presentation, the viewer notices (even subconsciously). a crucial part of winning work is giving clients absolute confidence that you understand the problem they want you to solve. whether you win or lose work, make it a habit to find out why and learn lessons that’ll help you in the future. if you win, a bold but sometimes successful move is to ask if you can see the competition’s proposals that weren’t successful. if you lose, the absolute worst thing to do when losing is to allow any anger or bitterness to be seen by the client.

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presentations and pitches provide the opportunity to demonstrate your credentials to solve your prospect’s problems and address their needs. they also provide the opportunity to give your prospect the confidence that you are right for the job. a client told me how they had a number of advertising agencies pitch for their business; each agency was given one hour to pitch. the agencies showed examples of their work, discussed their clients and their philosophy, and talked about how strategic and creative they were. this is important because it demonstrates that you have listened and it allows for the prospect to update you on any changes since you last spoke, which would be useful to know before you plough into your prepared presentation! “what this means for you is that you will have real time access 24 hours a day to a team of consultants to deal with your requirements as and when they occur. providing you with both reassurance and confidence.”

pitch your product, service, or collaboration idea to potential customers and partners with our collection of free proposal templates. get started by clicking on a proposal presentation template you’d like to use and hit use this template. next, start editing the template’s content to turn it into a professional proposal of your own. a business proposal presentation typically includes an introduction with a quick overview of your company and services, a problem slide where you can talk about your potential customer’s pain points that you’re looking to solve, and a solution slide where you can expand on exactly how you’ll solve the problem. your proposal should convince stakeholders that the project is going to solve a business problem for them and have a positive roi.

instead of creating a presentation from scratch, you can save time by using a business proposal template — you won’t have to fiddle with design and focus too much on structuring the information since that has already been done for you. simply pick a proposal template you’d like to use and edit its content to make it your own. make sure to specify exactly how you’re going to solve it and how your solution is different from your competitors’. using a professional proposal template will save you time on designing your presentation and structuring the information. to get started, simply pick a free business proposal template you’d like to use and click use this template.

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it’s your opportunity to prove that you understand a potential client’s underlying needs and showcase why you’re the best choice for the job. at the end of the day, a solid proposal should convince your reader that you understand their problems and have the solutions to fix them. a business proposal is a comprehensive offer from a business to a prospective client detailing how the business can meet the client’s needs and the benefits of choosing its services or products. a proposal plan is a structured document that outlines the approach, resources, and timeline for accomplishing a specific goal or project. a service proposal is a formal offer of a service-based business to a client detailing the scope of services, deliverables, and terms of the agreement.

when you begin to write a business proposal, the first thing to consider is your audience. long before our brains got rewired to crave the instant gratification of flashy screens and endless scrolling, our ancestors were also suckers for a good visual. when choosing the language and tone for your proposal, you have to walk a fine line. double-check for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors that can undermine your credibility and the professionalism of your proposal. and if you create lots of proposals, take it to the next level by trying out a dedicated proposal app or automating your workflow.

your goal in the pitch proposal (pp) is to present a topic that you can be considered an “expert” in. your goal in the pitch presentation will be to convince others to join your team and work to repurpose your topic. the pp has an oral and a written portion and will conclude with the formation of teams that may do further research on the topic, repurpose the information you have already collected on the topic, and deliver an oral report on it. teams will be composed the second day of the oral presentations. oral pitch proposal presentation your oral pitch presentation may be up to five minutes long (must be at least three minutes).

it must be a persuasive presentation in which you meet the following goals: 1. an introduction to and overview of the topic you are proposing for repurposing 2. a rough outline of the kinds of work that will be needed and the end-product you will produce 3. your personal expertise and the expertise you will need on your research team 4. an overview of what you believe team members will gain from working on this project the goal of this oral presentation is to persuade class members to join you in the project. it will be evaluated based on the four main goals listed above. written pitch proposal the written proposal for the pp is a brief proposal written for the members of this class. the undergraduate research proposal found on p. 285-286 is similar to this proposal. the written proposal is due the day you present.