pmbok knowledge areas chart

and the processes belong to these pmbok project management knowledge areas as well. each of the pmbok knowledge areas has several processes and these processes belong to one of the process groups. also, we are going to summarize the main purposes of all these 10 project management knowledge areas. this is the only project management knowledge area that has processes in each five process groups. note that, project management processes are documented and controlled by the help of project management templates. scope management pmp knowledge area processes aim to control scope in a project and protects scope creep. this project management knowledge area has seven processes, six of them are in the planning phase and only one process belongs to the monitoring and controlling process group.

cost management processes aim to complete the project under a planned budget. this project management knowledge area has four processes. these are planning the communications management which belongs to planning phase, managing communications which belong to executing phase and controlling communications which belong to the monitoring and controlling. since risks are evaluated mainly in the planning phase, five out of six processes belong to the planning phase. risk management processes mainly aim to reduce the impacts of risks to the project once they occur. stakeholder management processes help to manage expectations of project stakeholders during the project. as you see all project management knowledge areas has one or more process belonging to the 5 project management process groups.

they are the core technical subject matter of the project management profession, and they bring the project to life. since scope changes are one of the top causes of project changes and grief in general, it is very important that the boundaries of the project be well defined from the outset and monitored rigorously. this is usually the most time consuming of the knowledge areas. the project budget is usually one of the most sensitive parts of a project. the project team is usually one of the most important factors in the success of a project. it is essential to develop a communications plan to keep all stakeholders “in the loop” throughout the project and communicate early and often when unexpected issues occur.

managing project risk is one of the most underrated aspects of project management. you could, in theory, declare a project a success if the stakeholders are satisfied but the project was a disaster (although i wouldn’t recommend this line of thinking). these project management knowledge areas bring the project management process to life and ensure that the project meets its success criteria. but i need to know only two )) thanks a lot for this presentation… now, my question is : how can you explain that “develop project management plan” receives in input processes that receive in input pmp ? br most important of all would be the time, cost and scope. thus, if the complete schedule is well propoerly supported by the other 7 items…the delivery of the project will be attained on time, in cost and in a complete agreed scope.

this table explains the project management process groups and knowledge areas mapping. you’ll see that some cells in the table are blank. that means that there pmbok 6 process groups 9.1 plan resource management 9.2 estimate activity resources. 1) project integration management, develop project charter; 2) project scope management, plan scope management; 3) project schedule management 4) project, pmbok 6th edition process chart pdf, pmbok knowledge areas pdf, pmbok knowledge areas pdf, pmbok process groups and knowledge areas, pmp knowledge areas 2021.

in addition to the famous 6 phases of project management, the pmbok contains 10 areas of knowledge: project integration. project scope management. there are 10 project management knowledge areas. these are known as pmbok knowledge areas as well. read now to learn. table 1-4. project management process group and knowledge area mapping. project management process groups. knowledge. areas. initiating. process., pmbok 49 processes chart, 49 processes of project management pdf. the 10 project management knowledge areas (pmbok)project integration management.project scope management.project time management.project cost management.project quality management.project human resource management.project communications management.project risk management. overview of the pmbok knowledge areas project integration management. develop project charter; project scope management. project schedule management. project cost management. project quality management. project resource management. project communications management. project risk management.

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