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we love highlighting lean success stories here at kainexus and so we were very excited when erin edwards, continuous improvement manager at four seasons produce agreed to host a webinar with us to highlight their success turning a project management office (pmo) into an “innovation team.” edwards is a certified project management professional (pmp) with experience in both project management and continuous improvement and had been working with four seasons produce for about five years when the webinar took place. edwards listed some of the warehouse capacity and functions to illustrate the scope of its operation, which keeps an average of five days of inventory on hand. to help keep up, the company has been looking to lean to reduce waste and improve processes. by the end of 2012, just eight projects had been completed and 18 associates were engaged.

finally, the internal newsletter leaning forward was changed from technical educating to cheerleading in order to increase understanding and excitement. she said: “this was the first time i think in the time i had been there that people looked at the process and not the other person. kainexus was very easy to use for us and we were much more quickly able to show the impact numbers to our executive team in the organization.” in 2014, four seasons had 202 projects and ideas submitted and 170 people engaged, which represented quite an improvement from their results just two years earlier. “we are in the very early stages of defining this innovation team and the thought is that we will continue to push forward with this. we’re continuing to refine it, but we think we have a big opportunity on our hands to leverage the best of both and really push our organization forward.”

to design and implement a pmo can be hard work. this is a structure spans the firth of forth connecting edinburgh to fife. the pmo is similar, just because you have set it up, your are not finished, you need to ensure regular maintenance. therefore, it makes sense for the service offering to be continually improved as part of the maturity process. so if you run or work in a pmo, always be striving to improve the service. make sure that you have routines to regularly review tools and processes among the pmo team members.

make sure that there is a process to capture feedback from stakeholders such as project managers, project teams, etc. plans should be developed to incorporate the enhancements (note: it is advisable that changes are discussed with those who made the observation to test that the proposed changes to ensure they will make the required difference). i have often set a period of x weeks to allow the processes become stable and let people know that feedback will b captured but no changes will be made until the defined period has passed. provide training and support to ensure the implementation is trouble free. closely linked to the “bed down” point. a pmo must adopt the mindset of continuous improvement so as to increase the value it adds. the process to capture and implement improvements should not be complicated.

as part of the project management office’s strategy for continuous improvement, a pmo should aim to focus more on the business impact of pmos establish frameworks for effective collaboration and communication, bring further intelligence to strategic thinking, drive improvements in in many organizations, the pmo owns the overall pm methodology and the processes, tools and templates that make up that methodology. they, pmo process flow, pmo process flow, pmo processes and procedures pdf, pmo maturity roadmap, pmo roles and responsibilities.

learn how four seasons produce combined their project management office and continuous improvement to create an impactful innovation team. a pmo needs to demonstrate and increase value. therefore, it makes sense for the service offering to be continually improved as part of the maturity process. 5 key initiatives to make your pmo shine 1. ensure all projects are aligned to organizational strategy 2. engage senior leadership and, what is a project manager?.

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