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having taught pmp® exam preparation for more than twelve years and at least six significant exam modification cycles, i cannot more emphatically state that this exam modification will alter the world of project management certification forever. i have professed, and will continue to state, that one of the greater challenges faced by exam candidates is the expanding variety of tools, techniques, practices, principles, and areas of expertise expected of a certified project manager. course delivery must therefore teach the candidate the multiple sources of material, a viable course of study, and contextual comprehension of concepts so that they may work on their own to review and prepare.

pmi is addressing the exam change as a component of the new digital delivery focus espoused by changing focus and leadership. some of those elements include: pmi will also clearly face the challenge of assuring that the value of the pmp credential to existing credential holders is not diminished. the results, by the extensive nature of the change, will reveal a new era of pmp credential holders with different examination skills as well as different learning styles. i’ve been using … continue reading a simple introduction to cisco cml2 in this video, you will gain an understanding of agile and scrum master certification terminologies and concepts to help you make better decisions in your project management capabilities.

we are responding to this feedback with a decision to delay the pmp exam change. a new version of this outline was published in june 2019, and pmi will use this new outline as the basis to update the exam. half of the questions on the new exam will be about agile and hybrid approaches. this means that the pmbok® guide is not changing and that pmi will continue to use the sixth edition as an exam reference throughout 2021. therefore, use the pmbok® guide sixth edition no matter if you are taking the exam before or after 31 december 2020. but check again for 2022. preparing for the pmp exam takes approximately 8-12 weeks. the course itself will still be available, but we are no longer permitted to say that it is a pmp exam prep course.

this means, that we will be using the new, pmi-developed pmp exam prep training materials to help students prepare for the “new” exam. we will update all our existing questions to meet the new exam content outline. the support team will then assist you through the upgrade in the following steps: please be aware that we are receiving dozens and dozens of upgrade requests. but in the end they are only human… you only have to send a request for a free upgrade, if you purchased the simulator 2020 before 2020-jan-01 but then never activated and used it. this is not to say that the knowledge of project management methods, concepts, and techniques, is any less important, but a candidate will now also need to show that they truly know how to lead a project and how to bring it to successful completion.

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