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when people think of the cost of pmp certification, they often think of the exam fee, which is hefty in itself. as previously stated, the pmp exam fee is nothing to sneeze at. becoming a member of the project management institute (pmi) can drop your exam fee from $555 to $405. there’s a membership fee of $129 and a joining fee of $10. however, pmi members can download the pmbok handbook for free, whereas those without membership will have to pay upwards of $50 on amazon. before taking the pmp exam, you’ll first have to complete about 35 hours of training. instructor-led courses range from about one to two thousand. you may also want to invest in additional study guides and resources.

in addition, there are practice tests available that can strengthen your chances of knowing what to expect from your pmp exam and how to best pass it. this could be flashcards, guides, highlighters, notes…or a software program that offers all the same results. these will be among the most affordable elements of your total cost, but they are a component and one that shouldn’t be forgotten when budgeting for your pmp certification. you also have to have your credentials renewed every three years, and without renewed credentials, your passed pmp exam won’t get you very far. once again, a pmi membership can reduce the cost here from $150 every three years to $60 every three years. all told, you could pay about $3,000 per year in order to maintain your pmp certification. a pmp certification easily makes you a desirable candidate to businesses in need of project managers. rather, in conclusion, you should know the full cost of the endeavor for a pmp certification before you move forward.

you must price in all the components to estimate the expenditure and prepare a budget for yourself. if you become a memeber, you will have to shell out $544 for taking the exam. a 35 contact hours of formal project management training is mandatory for taking the pmp certification exam. however, i would suggest you to take a formal pmp facilitation course in order to reduce your chances of failing in the exam. however, if you like the feel of a physical book in your hands then you should order a physical copy of the guide. pmp is one of the most difficult professional exams and you should invest in good practice tests to pass it successfully. after your application is approved, you are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts at the pmp exam.

you have to pay reexamination fee each time you sit for the exam. now, $750 is a large sum of money but if you have decided to pursue pmp then you should start your preparation immediately. what is your take on the the cost involved in pursuing pmp certification? they charge a bomb but do not provide hard copy of the book. if you are one of the (un)lucky people who gets picked up for random audit you need to spend behind postal charges. it looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. i have successfully trained thousands of aspirants for the pm certification exams.

the project management professional (pmp)® certification from pmi is an acclaimed become a member and save on your certification exam fee. a person, choosing to become a pmi member, at the time of application will have to shell out a pmp price of $555, which will cover both the the pmp exam is $405 for those with a pmi (project management institute) membership and $555 for those without a membership. while the cost may seem steep,, pmp course, pmp course, pmp certification, pmp exam fees 2021, pmp certification salary.

the cost of the pmp exam is $405 for pmi members and $555 for non-members. many companies offer professional development benefits that may cover employee education and professional credentialing costs. the pmp credential can cost you anywhere between $990 – $2990. the exam fee is fixed so you cannot do anything about it but you can save money the pmp certification exam fee is 555 usd for the people who are not a member of pmi and for the pmi members, it is 405 usd. if you choose to the pmp renewal fee is $129 per year after earning 60 professional development units (pdus) in a three-year cycle. staragile’s pmp application assistance., pmp certification cost usa, pmp exam questions, pmp requirements, capm certification.

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