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therefore, the best way to study for the pmp exam will be based on your personal learning likes and needs. starting with the end in mind and understanding how the pmp exam is structured is critical to developing a study plan and passing the exam. and so it is no surprise that the same review of these lessons learned from the experiences of thousands of certified pmp’s supports that the best way to study for the pmp exam is by developing a study plan tailored to your expertise, experience, and project management knowledge. taking a pmp practice exam to benchmark your current understanding is the best way to define what and how you need to develop your personalized study plan. life happens, it is better to re-baseline your study schedule and/or reschedule your exam than it is to rush your studying and show up for the exam ill-prepared and risk not passing.

successful exam candidates routinely state this is one of the most important skills needed to pass the exam for two reasons: i found the pm prepcast extremely helpful and an important contributor to my success on the exam. getting your pmp certification is based on your ability to think and respond as a project manager, not how well you memorized project management “facts.” practice exams are used for much more than just answering “typical” questions, they are used to be completely prepared for taking the exam. there is no substitute for being well studied in preparation for the exam and using practice exams to hone your knowledge and test-taking approach. and so the second approach is a bit less time intensive: use someone else’s plan as your pmp study plan template. why not check out some of these other articles to help you prepare for the rest of your pmp application?

we frequently get requests from our students to provide a recommended study plan for pmp® certification. you need to tailor the plan according to your situation, needs and learning style. it will provide you with all the important information that you need to know for the exam, and links to download all the resources listed in this article. in order to pass the new pmp exam, you would need the pmbok® guide, 6th ed and the agile practice guide, both of which are free with pmi membership. before you start using the brainbok program, it’s important that you get a quick overview of the structure and content of the pmbok® guide. you should also be able to understand that each process has inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs (ittos) and that processes often overlap. use brainbok app for itto explorer, quizzes and flashcards to reinforce your concepts as you go along. repeat the above process until you are thoroughly familiar with the material.

refer to the study notes section of our guide as needed. therefore, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the scrum framework. go through the agile section of our online study guide at this point for learning all the agile concepts that you need to know for the exam. review all the questions, particularly those that you got wrong, to identify the gaps. again use the study guide and tools to address those gaps. we recommend that you take the exams when you feel relatively comfortable with the material in the resources that we’ve listed. if you are preparing for the pmp® or capm® certification, sign up for brainbok to significantly boost your chances of success. our program will save you several weeks of preparation time and give you a solid foundation in project management, which is required to ace the pmp certification exam. this publication has been developed and reproduced with the permission of pmi.

how does this apply to studying for the pmp? make studying priority and stick to it. treat studying for the pmp exam like a project – plan the work and work the five-step study plan step 1 – quick overview (1-2 weeks) step 2 – deep dive (3-4 weeks) step 3 – understand agile concepts (1-2 week) step 4 you can plan 6 hours of study per week based on your schedule. for instance, you can study 2 hours on monday, 2 hours on wednesday and 2 hours, 60 day pmp exam study plan pdf, 30 day pmp exam study plan pdf, 90 day pmp exam study plan excel, study plan for 2021 pmp exam.

study plan to pass the pmp exam in 8 weeks studying pmbok guide and the reference book – 98 hours practice questions, chapter wise – 9 hours ( 3. develop schedule or time plan less than 8 weeks with 2 hours of study on a weekday and 5 hours of study on a weekend day. about 2 months you can rely on five main sources for your pmp preparation: the pmbok guide, the agile practice guide, preparation books, onsite or online courses, exam, best pmp study guide, best pmp study guide, how to study for 2021 pmp exam, pmp with ray udemy, where to start studying for pmp.

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