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the knowledge base provides a quick way to search for forms, tools, and other resources provided on the research office web site. also, the preliminary proposal may determine selection for the next stage of the application, help in the selection of possible reviewers and possibly offer a chance for feedback to the pi. most rfp’s have a stated deadline and are one-time solicitations for specific needs of the sponsor, not expected to recur. a competing renewal proposal (also called a competing continuation) is a request for continued funding of a project for which the funding or project period is about to terminate.

the rppr is currently available to all institutions for non-snap progress reports, including those for complex and training awards. the unh research development office maintains a list of all limited submission programs on the research office website (current lsp deadlines) and sends a monthly email about upcoming opportunities to the research office “principal investigators & project directors” list. the primary factors for selecting pre-proposals to go forward to the sponsor are the relevance to the program selection criteria; the potential for successfully competing in the sponsor’s competitive process, and the strategic advantage of the project to unh. the knowledge base contains forms, instruction and training material, minutes, policies, tools and other resources to support your research efforts by topic area.

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we want to provide a brief update about how to make your proposal even stronger. reviewing successful proposals helps give you a sense of how successful applicants present their ideas and project plans; how a preliminary proposal evolves into a full proposal; and what works for reviewers overall. if you cannot find a particular proposal of interest, reach out to a program officer and we will help you find it. in a nutshell, lb21 concentrates on the needs of librarians, archivists, and other working professionals. for example, if reviewers feel that your nlg proposal is better positioned as an lb21 proposal because of its emphasis on continuing education or professional development, your proposal will be rejected and you will be asked to apply to the right program at a later date. webinars are great refreshers for applicants who have not submitted a proposal for several years as well as new applicants who are unfamiliar with the application and review process. keep in mind, though, that in addition to participating in a webinar, you can talk with a program officers and get verbal feedback on a proposal draft.

reviewers will be looking at a dozen or more proposals during a preliminary proposal review panel or and they will want to know you main idea or question up front. (it is not enough to say, “we are requesting x amount for salaries, travel, equipment, and indirect costs.” reviewers want more detail, even at the preliminary proposal stage). reviewers will expect you to demonstrate an awareness of projects in your area of interest that have been funded previously. you will want to discuss in your narrative how any proposed work is new, different, or builds upon prior efforts funded by imls. make sure these required forms are submitted as part of your application package or your proposal will be rejected without review! dr. trevor owens is supervisory senior program officer at imls where he oversees the agency’s efforts on the national digital platform. dr. sandra toro is a senior program officer who manages a portfolio of social science research projects and native american and native hawaiian library services grants.

the differences identified between the preliminary proposal and the cso master plan are accounting for the progression from an initial estimate used to compare a series of control options, to an estimate focusing on a specific level of control for each district. a minimum of 15 business days prior to the funding agency deadline for the proposal, the preliminary proposal review sheet should be submitted to the relevant department head, who will review the information to determine if the proposal is consistent with the mission and priorities of the department. project proposal is the final and written description of the project as described in exhibit a, to be undertaken by sub-recipient for which the project funds is granted and performance is required and monitored pursuant to this pfa.

preliminary plat means a map showing the salient features of a proposed subdivision submitted to an approving authority for purposes of preliminary consideration. company acquisition proposal means any proposal for a merger or other business combination involving the company or the acquisition of any equity interest in, or a substantial portion of the assets of, the company, other than the transactions contemplated by this agreement. unsolicited proposal means a written proposal for a public-private initiative that is submitted by a private entity for the purpose of entering into an agreement with the department but that is not in response to a formal solicitation or request issued by the department.

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