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a price proposal is a contractor’s preliminary bid for the price for a potential customer’s job. as a contractor, you want to be able to demonstrate every cost you detail in the proposal is valuable and relevant to your prospect’s needs. one of the best ways to gauge your potential price point is through value-based pricing. if a $5,000 profit is worth it to you, and you can demonstrate your services are worth $25,000 to your prospect, that’s the price you should lead with. lastly, you check the local bike shops that are of a similar size to yours.

with this information, you can safely assume the price is fair in relation to your closest competitors. another disadvantage is that it doesn’t factor in the customer’s willingness to pay or the perceived value of your products. but it requires some serious thought to execute — so consider whether your business is the right fit for this technique. but for it to work, the prices in your tiers should make sense from a value perspective— and potential clients should know exactly what to expect from each option. any more than that, and you run the risk of overwhelming the prospect. hopefully, with a better understanding of what these documents are and how to approach them, you can make the process of writing them smooth, efficient, and painless.

price proposal overview

the purpose of a pricing proposal is to help potential clients understand how much a project may cost (and what are all the items included in that price). keeping up with the analogy of a writer, if the emails you write result in 2x revenue for your clients, you can base your prices accordingly. and since customers want to buy into the results they can receive, doing so might just increase your chances of getting a yes from a potential client. in contrast, company b may provide six features, so pricing both services similarly doesn’t make sense — in such cases, it makes more sense to price the services of company b at a higher price point.

pricing proposals go beyond just presenting the price — they are also a way of communicating with your potential client (possibility for the first time), and therefore your focus should be on building client confidence. but we know of a few pricing strategies that will help you understand how to charge optimally for the projects you undertake. add up all direct and indirect costs, and write down the profits you want to make out of the project (either through a percentage or a number). your proposal-creating journey will be as simple as selecting a proposal from our resource hub (or you can upload your own), filling in the necessary details, and sending it to the client. he’s been a marketer for 10+ years, and for the last five years, he’s been entirely focused on the electronic signature, proposal, and document management markets.

a request for proposal, also known as an rfp, is an invitation published by a company for vendors to submit a proposal for the supply of goods and/or services. as such, let’s take a look at a few of the best tactics for structuring and pricing submissions to rfps. how can we possibly determine what a saleable, profitable, and deliverable price is when we have half a day to evaluate the project and come up with a number? the bid price is an exchange rate that must support the services offered in your response, so don’t deliver a rolls-royce solution and price it like a vw beetle just to win the business.

you must take a holistic view of the client’s request to develop a solution that includes the services and features that will provide value to the client. this is exactly what they wanted to see to ensure they were at the front of the pack. rfp pricing is a powerful weapon in your arsenal, but in order to use it to your advantage, you need to think outside the box. find out what the client truly needs so you can develop a solution that provides the greatest value, and include pricing in every step of the process to ensure you can confidently justify the exchange rate for your services.

price proposal format

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price proposal guide

presenting a price list to a potential client is a leap of fate. formulating the right price is the tricky part, but the good news is that the success of your proposal doesn’t always depend on what you charge, but also on how to present pricing to a client. you also don’t want to use terms and jargon that the client is not going to understand. the more numbers and list items you have, the harder it is for the client to process them. once they reach for the calculator – it’s hard for them to think about anything but price. this means people are more willing to take risks to prevent loss  you present your value, your expertise, and what you are providing, with one bundled-up price. this is the part where most people get it wrong.

if you offer a big discount to a new client, you’re saying that your services are not worth that much, you’re also setting a precedent for future business with them. the thing is you can’t reel them in with low prices and then raise the prices in the future. that way you look more professional and also avoid the risk of them not paying later down the line. you need to get around this and highlight benefits and solutions in your proposal. now you need to nail the other part – how to present pricing to a client. this guide should help you avoid the common mistakes and allow your prospects to see your price as an investment in their future. read our step-by-step guide and learn how to politely remind clients to pay you without feeling guilty.