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a proposal schedule provides the team with milestones and deadlines that must be met in order to develop a proposal in time for submission. setting pens down reminders for the entire proposal development team ensures that everyone is aware of response expectations and section deadlines. during the kickoff meeting, the proposal manager should emphasize the importance of sticking to the schedule and inform the team of response expectations. to ensure that each writer knows which sections they are responsible for, the proposal manager and proposal coordinator should develop a proposal plan document for the writing team.

the proposal manager must ensure that each member on the team has a defined role and can provide various levels of expertise to determine the solution. the entire proposal team should be familiar with the color review process and the proposal manager should go over the details of the color review process in the color team review kickoff meeting to ensure all team members understand response expectations. an effective proposal process means that the proposal team is cohesive and prepared to tackle the requirements in the rfp. key solutions, inc. (ksi) is a consulting firm that helps companies win government contracts through bid and proposal development services.

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an established proposal development process should help organizations develop the best proposal possible that satisfies all the buyer’s needs and requirements. definition: proposal development is the process of creating a comprehensive and persuasive document that outlines a proposed solution, project, or initiative to address a specific need or problem. the most important step is gathering the most knowledgeable and effective team members to write the proposal. a plan should address how the proposal content should be developed and the main proposal requirements to achieve. each volume team leader is responsible for developing a proposal outline for the assigned proposal volume.

the volume team leader should be responsible for planning and holding a brainstorming session with the volume technical writers. together, each section of the proposal volume should be divided into sub-sections. once the storyboards are complete and approved by the proposal project manager, the volume team leader must ensure that the information is added to the annotated proposal outline on the server. the proposal project manager should arrange a red team review of the technical, management, and cost volumes. details for the review should be forwarded when complete  every volume team leader should be responsible for having the volume material ready for review and should be prepared to make presentations on the assigned volume. ensure the proposal is submitted to the exact submittal terms in the rfp.

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