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as a vital part of the design process, making user research and testing part of your proposal immediately demonstrates the value your design will add for your prospective client. it means that you can move the needle for them and help them with something they need to get done. also, a design proposal will help you and your clients set expectations from the beginning. but while the importance of research and testing might be obvious to you as a designer, your client might not instantly be convinced that it helps their business. it’s a deeper way for both you and the client to understand their business goals from a user’s perspective.

do this at the proposal stage, and they’re much more likely to see user research as a crucial part of your design services and deliverables. since the immediate purpose of any project proposal is to win a project, telling the client what they want to hear can seem more appealing than challenging their perspective on the importance of user research. of course, conducting user tests the traditional way with in-person sessions is a lot of effort for a design proposal—and it’ll probably take too long to set up. but user research is an integral part of the design process—without it, products and websites aren’t built to address user goals and pain points. then you can use the results in your proposal to show your client the value of user testing at the first opportunity.

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when it comes to how to write a design proposal, you should consider using brand colors and showcase your design skills to the fullest. take some time to identify what it is you’re trying to sell and whether you have a stronger understanding of the kind of work your client needs. remember the key to success in ‘how to write a design proposal’ is to make these as short and concise as possible while keeping the perspective of your potential client. it’s a good design proposal idea to rework your pricing plans and present them in a manner that favors you and the client. you can see in this example how getguru uses the first option as a trial version (freemium) of their service.

in the project scope section of a design proposal, you give a high level of your deliverables. you can do this with a simple list of resources you’ll require to deliver the project when you’re handing off your project. you’ll need to highlight the legalities of your work and the sops you follow. i’ve covered a lot of ground on helping you understand the template of your design proposal. take a free guided tour of cloudways and see for yourself how easily you can manage your server & apps on the leading cloud-hosting platform.

if you’re a freelance graphic designer, chances are you’ll need to write a design proposal for some of your prospective clients. the purpose of a design proposal is to outline the core details and deliverables of the project along with your proposed solution for how you would go about accomplishing the client’s goals. you can also include a timeline in this part of your business proposal. while the final dates and timelines should be spelled out in your graphic design contract, giving your potential client an idea of how many days or weeks you plan to spend on the project (or each part of the project) is helpful.

this is also a place in your proposal where you can add a testimonial or two from previous clients to provide further social proof. you might want to include a point about how long the proposal is valid for (such as 30 or 60 days), so that you don’t have a client come back two years later expecting you to honor the same terms and pricing for your product or service. the point of a design proposal is to win a client’s business. whether you use a design proposal template or decide on writing your own, use the checklist above to make sure you’ve covered all of the important points and set yourself up for success.

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product design proposal guide

during that interaction, you likely covered a lot of ground, including the needs of the project and a budget (or ballpark price) to complete it. by reinforcing to the client that you’re not selling a commodity. i mention that now, because it relates to the proposal building process, as well as how to price a project. instead, i may take a more conversation-like approach: “i understand that your business is about this and this, and your long-term goals are to do this and that, and that’s the reason that you need a new website. many people think, consciously or not, that they have to sell their work and the desired outcome, more than they sell have to sell themselves.

even if you tone it down and just include a short bio description, aim to highlight points from “your story” that you think may be relevant or interesting to that client in particular. it’s also a good way to hedge your bets and differentiate you from the competition. the fourth section is essentially a call to action. that doesn’t have to be the case. hopefully you can apply a few of these points in your own approach to writing design proposals and hit it out of the park.