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as a college instructor and communication expert with extensive nonfiction and educational writing experience, mary shares tips and advice related to a wide variety of topics. a proposal letter is a type of business letter that would be used to introduce someone to your ideas. for example, it could be a sales letter promoting products or services to a prospective customer, a letter suggesting a new company program to your boss, or another type of proposal. when you’re ready to write your next product sales proposal letter, this example will help get you started. make sure your sales letter is addressed to a specific person (or job title if a name isn’t possible). it should also include these elements: when you are pitching a service, you will follow many of the same rules as a product letter, but there are a few key differences.

writing an internal proposal can seem just as intimidating as writing a sales letter to a client. for a sponsorship proposal, be sure to start from a place of gratitude. if not, make a general statement about how grateful you are for the community’s strong support of your project to provide social proof that can help make your prospect more likely to commit. use this sample sponsorship proposal letter as a guide. getting an actual letter in the mail is a rare experience these days because social media and email marketing have taken over. a properly written and formatted proposal letter can really stand out.

product proposal letter overview

a sales proposal letter is written by the marketing and sales professional of a business firm to a potential new client or to a current client who has not made any new orders for products or services. the sales proposal letter must mention the competence of the firm and its capability in delivering the products or services to the clients. but, this may be added only in situations where there is a guarantee that the buyer is willing to buy the product or service. we are in the business ___________________________________ (mention your business field and year of experience). we are glad to inform you about the good quality and reputation of our products. you will get the best deal in the market with us. we believe this would be a good time to associate with you as ______( the reason why you would like to associate with them). this will help you a lot in your venture.

we have been in the business of the sale of electronic equipment and software for the last ten years. we are glad to inform you about the good quality and national reputation of our products and services. if you would like to purchase the applications, we are happy to provide you with a free demonstration. we are ready to provide you all stationery products required for your office at a discounted wholesale rate. we firmly believe that the deal will extremely beneficial for both of us. as you might know, we have been in stationery supplying business for the last 15 years. we would like to offer our services/products to you. this will help you a lot in your venture. more details regarding our product will be available on request.

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