project control process steps

project control is a series of processes and steps that a project manager in cooperation with other management staff carries out to control the project in terms of progress, quality, changes, products, commitments and other critical concerns. in this article i’m going to break down the processes into these 5 steps: the objective of conducting meetings during the course of a project is to assemble and manage an effective project team that is able to accomplish defined goals and objectives. the project manager needs to write a meeting agenda and then share this document with all participants of the meeting. by controlling project quality it is possible to confirm that the product is complete and developed in line with expectations. this step in controlling a project refers to monitoring, measuring and controlling progress on the project.

the purpose is to ensure that project work is being done as scheduled. the goal of controlling changes is to define and implement the addition of work into a given stage. a project manager needs to manage issues in order to ensure that the project is carried out as planned. project control is a complex and comprehensive process, and thus project managers should realize all the steps of this process. eric is a project manager who has worked on various projects in the software industry for over ten years.

knowing this, a process must be in place to recognize discrepancies in the project. however, identifying deviations is only part of the project control process. because the project control process is important to the project’s success, it must control deviations from the project plan and emphasize the collection and analysis of information that will facilitate decision making. managers should fight to avoid falling into the micro management trap while still retaining control. rather it refers to the system in place that will help project managers keep the overall project under control when unanticipated circumstances affect it. to do this, a project process control system involves the following: information required by a project control process includes project scope, performance metrics, project organization, budgetary performance and production.

once this information is obtained, managers can compare it to the most recently approved execution plan to see if the project is deviating from the plan. after identifying variations of the project from the project plan, managers can begin formulating possible corrective actions. as solutions to variance are pursued, the process for implementing changes in scope should also be activated. when addressing what is meant by the project control process, the stakeholders are often ignored or relegated to a secondary position. although many project managers may be inclined to take the corrective action that would minimize the overall impact on the project, when different outcomes must be sacrificed to keep the project under control, it’s best to know what the priorities of the stakeholders are. stakeholders may want to minimize cost even if it negatively impacts production.

project control in 5 steps hold meetings perform quality control track work progress respond to changes manage issues. project control process setting up standard costing and budgetary control systems for the project. allocating responsibilities for cost control at task level. project control is a continuous process that requires the project manager to observe, gather information, and make changes to the project as, project control process pdf, project control process pdf, project control process example, project control process 4 steps, project control plan.

project controls are a set of processes used to understand and influence the amount of time or money spent on a project. each project control introducing project control a process must be in place to recognize discrepancies in the project. these discrepancies can involve scheduling, steps in project control process project • • • • • sequence of tasks planned from beginning to end bounded by project planning nature of the project plan •, steps in project monitoring and control, project control system. 5 controlling process steps in project managementset performance standards. before a project manager can begin holding their team and project to a set of standards, they first need to develop those standards. measure performance. compare actual performance with standards. analyze deviations. take corrective actions.

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