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in the following paragraphs we will explain what you should include in your project justification and why it is important. here you can show that you exactly know the situation and the current needs of your beneficiaries. if you can explain that there is a good reason to carry out your project and that there is an imminent need that it will address, your proposal has a much better chance of being considered. you should research the project justification carefully to be able to support your arguments with facts and data. some of this can be generic and you can find this data online, some should be very specific to your project and be collected in the community. if you want to propose a project which supports a school, your proposal will be much stronger if you know exactly how many students graduate from that school in relation the overall graduation rate in the country and similar facts.

eva is based in germany and has worked for nearly a decade with ngos on the grassroots level in nepal in the field of capacity development and promotion of sustainable agricultural practices. she holds a ph.d. in geography and her field of research was sustainability and inclusion in development projects. one is about hands-on-skills and the other is a school project. being a teacher who has taught for 21 years in famous uganda schools, i real need to establish an educational projects that helps to fill in the gaps left by upe and private sector as well. i do hope you come visit papua new guinea and help us learn skills to develop and write up great community project proposal and more. visit us for great resources about everything proposal related – tips, guides, how-to’s, sample proposals, training, expert advice, and much more.

project justification overview

it helps you demonstrate the relevance of your project and the urgency of the problem it addresses. the process of justifying your project can help guide the project planning and implementation process. a project justification ensures that the project aligns with the strategic objectives of your organization and your stakeholders. a clear project justification helps communicate the project’s goals and benefits to a variety of audiences, including staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and the public. your goal is to clearly illustrate the issue’s severity, relevance, and the need for immediate intervention. this can help donors understand why the problem has arisen and why it continues to persist.

demonstrate what is currently being done about the problem and where the gaps exist. show how your proposed project or intervention addresses the problem effectively. remember, your justification should be compelling and concise. many students cite lack of academic support and resources as the primary reason for leaving school (local community survey, 2023). with your support, we can expand our efforts and preserve our city’s natural heritage for future generations, aligning with your organization’s focus on environmental conservation.” “in our region, one in three adults is clinically obese, a rate much higher than the national average of one in six (national health report, 2023). by funding our initiative, your organization can contribute to a healthier community, reducing healthcare costs and improving quality of life, aligning with your focus on public health and preventive care.” each of these examples starts by clearly defining the problem with relevant data, then describes the proposed solution, and finally links the project to the potential funder’s interests.

a routine question before starting a project is “why is this needed?” such a question might be posed by primary school students who are assigned to create a diorama about the water cycle. business justification drives decision making, so it is important to assess the potential of a project before committing to significant investment at early stages and to verify the business justification throughout the lifecycle. a project should be terminated if it is deemed unviable. the business justification for a project must be assessed at the beginning of the project, at pre-defined intervals and at any time when major issues or risks emerge that threaten viability. assess and present a business case: business justification for a project is typically analyzed and confirmed by the product owner.

it is documented and presented in the form of a project business case prior to the initiate phase. continuous value justification: once the decision makers approve the project vision statement, it is then baselined and forms the business justification. throughout the project, the product owner should keep the business justification in the project vision statement updated with relevant project information to enable the key decision makers to continue making informed decisions. when you’re in school, you can scrap a project at any point and the only thing that’s on the line is an assignment grade. to give yourself the best opportunity for success, you should always ask “why is this needed?” and lean on the business justification to find your answer.

project justification format

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project justification guide

building relationships with business leaders and c-level colleagues helps you understand how the business works. bringing this insight into the it organization broadens the knowledge of the it staff and helps them understand how critical it is to think business first. in today’s it world, alignment with business needs and leaders is crucial. why will the rest of the business help it? what are the relevant financial, technical, and operational details? in today’s world, the business leaders are more deeply invested in it than ever before. learn about their needs and wants and help them understand the supporting it strategy.

then, when a project is identified, work closely with them to develop the story about how the it project aligns with their needs functionally, operationally and financially. this will show that you are invested financially in the it department and how it impacts the rest of the business. when you are presenting the project justification to your c-level colleagues, if the cfo is nodding his head in agreement and providing support, you will be in good shape. it’s imperative that you include examples of the types of challenges that are likely to be encountered and how these will be addressed so that the impact to the project is kept to a minimum. aspect 4 – provide a concise summarization of the evaluated options with pros and cons. assuming the pros and cons align with the recommended solution, this is a great way to give your c-level colleagues the information they want in an easily understood format. aspect 5 – communicate the business challenge(s) and goal(s) with it and work to ensure the recommended solution delivers. make sure the business initiative that is driving the it project is documented in the requirements and is not overlooked.