project planning and control techniques

how you choose to divide work and set up the processes will define your ultimate success. when you use a pm technique, you’ll organize all the moving parts of your project into a logical set of tasks, leaving nothing to chance. a wbs transforms big project activities into chunks of manageable tasks you and your team can easily understand and complete. how to get started? start from the final deliverable defined by the project, and then define the tasks you and your team will need to complete in order to finalize the project. it’s a visual representation of all the tasks your team has to complete in order to wrap up the project, visualized together with time spans. the majority of project management tools offer gantt chart views, so all you have to do is enter the data, and you’ll get a visualization immediately.

however, just like with wbs and gantt charts, you can use them as tools, not just as project management techniques. how to get started? make a list of all the resources and deliverables you’ll need in each phase. preparation is key – make sure you have everything covered in the first, project initiation and requirements, phase. how to get started? when you complete a certain task, move it to the ‘done’ column. how to get started?

businesses of all sizes sometimes find it necessary to manage construction projects on their own account or as part of larger contracts. planning for such construction projects and controlling costs and schedules are often challenging and require a thorough understanding of construction management techniques to bring the project to a successful conclusion. a work breakdown structure reduces complexity by breaking down the work to be done into individual tasks that are the responsibility of a particular employee. applying these techniques to construction projects allows you to reserve the required resources and assign responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of project management. your planning activities have helped you identify the tasks that have to be completed and assign corresponding work. cost control starts with distributing the total cost to the tasks and establishing reporting procedures to track costs as your company incurs them. if your signature is required for payments, you have control over booking costs to the project.

controlling the schedule for construction projects is critical because tasks are mutually interdependent and delays can increase costs. a good schedule control technique is to establish milestones that are easily observed and verified. if you have scheduled a milestone like the raising of the building structure, you can go to the site on that day to verify whether the project team has met the milestone. an important function for construction projects is to control the quality of the materials and the work because it affect the value of the structure you are building. when you assign responsibility for a task in the planning stage, you also have to assign responsibility for the quality and for the required documentation. for each item, the documentation has to include the specified level of quality, the corresponding order and the resulting test or inspection report. he started writing technical papers while working as an engineer in the 1980s.

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planning techniques for construction projects include a work breakdown structure; program evaluation and review technique, or pert, charts; and gantt charts. a project management. planning and control techniques. third edition by. rory burke. john wiley & sons ltd. chichester new york weinheim brisbane singapore project management: planning and control techniques, 3rd edition: burke, rory: 9780471987628: books:, project planning techniques ppt, project control techniques.

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