project portfolio management framework

they developed organizations specifically designed to fit their business and management culture and followed these key steps: the old maxim “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” holds true in the discipline of project portfolio management. the highest level of portfolio analysis is project classification. a survival project is one that must be completed to keep the business from failing or suffering irreparable damage.

measuring project investment return is much more complex, and while some of the criteria are generic across all industries and organizations, much of the measurement is unique to the specific business and culture of the organization. the two main components in the construction of the portfolio are project allocation and project prioritization and selection. the decision to realign the portfolio by increasing project investment or replacing a project is made using the same weighting criteria. having a portfolio management tool in place is essential to automating the management of the portfolio and thus providing necessary visibility throughout the organization via dashboards and reports.

work management and collaboration capabilities are particularly useful for project team members, who want to contribute to the success of a project. if individuals understand why a task or process is important to the project and the company, they likely to be more engaged. by taking a proactive approach to risk management, resource allocation, and project interdependencies at the portfolio level, senior executives can remove common roadblocks for teams. depending on the orgainzation, the project management office (pmo) reports on portfolio performance to senior management and stakeholders. finally, making stakeholder engagement part of portfolio governance is an important signal to project managers and the pmo.

portfolio risk management includes identifying and managing risks for individual projects as well as managing the risk posed by each project to the overall portfolio and the organization. once a project moves into execution, use roll-up dashboards and reports in your project management software to track risks on the project level. as team members work on and update tasks at the project level, this information rolls up automatically to portfolio dashboards for a quick snapshot of all projects. stakeholders need to know what resources are needed on the new project and how these allocations affect other projects, both ongoing and upcoming. offering multiple project and portfolio reporting options, sharepoint will help you to save time and deliver key information to the right people at the right time.

the portfolio management process clarify business objectives capture and research requests and ideas select the best projects using defined differentiators project portfolio management is the centralised management of one or more portfolios, and involves identifying, prioritising, authorising, managing, and project portfolio management is a framework, not a product business objectives and constraints, such as time horizons, market windows, budgets, resource, project portfolio management tools, project portfolio management tools, it portfolio management framework, portfolio management tools and techniques, project portfolio example.

project portfolio management aligns proposed projects with business strategy. this means new project requests are reviewed and prioritized against defined goals project portfolio management the roots of a portfolio management process model can be found in w. edwards deming’s quality management cycle of plan, do, check project portfolio management requires a balance of resources, time, skills, budgets, risk mitigation and running the projects in the portfolio frugally and, project portfolio manager job description, project portfolio manager salary.

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