Project proposal template

Project  proposal template is a sample document that makes an offer to convince the potential customer to accept it. In a project proposal, you need to show that you will give solutions to the end user and bring benefits. A well designed sample project proposal will help you and the decision makers in the business to reach an mutual agreement and build up long term relationships.


Project for Proposal Format

Project proposal need to relate to the requirements of end users. For any successful project proposal, you need to show what problem will it solve, what needs will it address, and why is it important to them? In your proposal, you need to state exactly what you are proposing to make or do, and how it relates to the problem you are describing. The business need to be convinced that you have a plausible solution procedure to the problem, and to know what this solution procedure involves.

Project proposal need to put the needs and requirement of the potential customer as top priority. When writing your proposal, you need to think yourself in the client’s position and ask if it answers all of your questions. Your client would like to know that you can provide a sound and concrete technical solution to the problem, along with a clear procedure for arriving at such a solution. They will also want to know that you can offer realistic and reasonable costing with demonstrated financial responsibility, and realistic and reasonable timing with intelligent and thoughtful planning.

Project for Proposal Template

There are free proposal template you can download for reference, however, you may design your own personalized sample for your own conditions and needs.

The first key section in project for proposal template is the project background and summary. For example, The purpose of the project is :____(State the project overview, name, main objectives); The company details are:____(State the organization name, address, contact details etc.).

The second key section in project for proposal sample is project goals, benefits and solutions. For example, the overall benefits for the organization are:___(State what are the benefits for the business); The project goals are:____(State what the project is aiming to achieve); The solution for the project are:___( How will the project be implemented).

The last key section in the project for proposal example is the project overall analysis and project budget. In the section, you may give detail analysis of the project in term of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, you also need to provide a line item budget in US$ with short narrative explanations for each line item; The team responsible for the project are:____(State the details of team members and experience).