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we also highlight considerations for researchers, data managers, information technology managers, and other stakeholders likely to be involved in the data linkage process. first and foremost, the quality and discriminatory power of each of the available linkage identifiers need to be scrutinized. ideally, a research and data support team will already be in place before the proposal process. the quality, completeness, and predictive ability of each of the potential keys must be assessed separately in each respective dataset, with careful attention paid to missing, invalid, or implausible values. downstream from standardizing and cleaning identifiers, but important in preparing the data for linkage, is the development of a common data model.

this approach can be used to initially test and validate the discriminatory power of each available identifier. the decision of which approach to use depends ultimately on the research question and the available resources. are additional data elements/variables obtained from completing the linkage of high quality (nonmissing, available on a majority of individuals) on the linked population [effort to link = appropriate gains in data/population]? determine the completeness and quality of variables needed for linkage. the extent and sampling of this review may vary and will be defined by the chosen linkage strategy.

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how do you prepare and deliver a presentation that showcases the value and impact of your project, and convinces your audience to take action? here are some tips to help you plan, structure, and present your project recommendations effectively. tailor your message, tone, and style to suit their level of knowledge, authority, and influence. anticipate their questions, concerns, and objections, and prepare your responses. what do you want your audience to know, feel, and do after your presentation? do you want them to approve, support, or implement your recommendations? use this as your central message and focus throughout your presentation. your presentation should have a logical and coherent structure that helps your audience follow your argument and understand your recommendations. start by introducing the problem or opportunity that your project addresses, and why it matters to your audience. finally, summarize your main points and call your audience to action.

however, you should use visual aids sparingly and strategically, and avoid cluttering or distracting your audience with too many or irrelevant images, charts, graphs, or animations. choose visual aids that support your message and audience, and use simple and consistent design principles. you should practice your presentation several times before the actual event, and get feedback from others if possible. practice your voice, body language, and timing. use pauses, emphasis, and variation to keep your audience’s attention. manage your time and pace yourself. you should invite and encourage questions, comments, or suggestions from your audience, and listen attentively and respectfully. acknowledge their feedback and respond with facts, examples, or stories that support your recommendations. instead, try to understand their perspective and address their concerns with empathy and professionalism. this is a space to share examples, stories, or insights that don’t fit into any of the previous sections.

the purpose of these guidelines is to ensure stability and the best possible performance for your optimizely customized commerce implementation. customized commerce projects often take more time than originally estimated due to the complexity of areas like pricing, external integrations, and shipping and payment providers. when altering workflows or other downloadable code that is added to your solution, make it a habit to clearly comment and document the code in the project. let the website catalog hierarchy guide your catalog structure, and limit the number of variants/skus associated with each product to avoid performance implications. the built-in search api is useful especially for category landing pages and large catalog structures. consider this especially for pricing, and warehouse and inventory updates. store helpers are useful, but you need to understand how they work before using them.

these can be modified to suit your needs, for instance by adding caching and other logic. for carthelper, download the code and make it “your own.” this makes them available in customized commerce and includes storage for configuration settings. if you use this metafield type in catalog meta-classes, it works for smaller, low-traffic websites but is inefficient for larger websites as the output is stored in the database. for example, avoid using getdescendents to load everything recursively and then filter by something to find what you were looking for. with complex solutions, where code is scattered across multiple components, it may not be easy to see how your system is loading content excessively. in addition, it is good practice to profile the application, even without evidence of performance problems. finding something in the code that is easy to fix and makes the application 30% faster is a good feeling and good value even if the application is running acceptably in the production environment.

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writing a recommendation report usually involves describing a situation, evaluating possible alternatives and proposing a solution to a problem. whether you’re writing a project, performance or risk assessment, clearly stating the facts makes it easier for others to reach a decision based on your research. you can download a business recommendation template or create your own document or presentation format. select a format that is best suited to the type of report you are writing. when writing a recommendation report, start by clearly stating what you’re evaluating. for example, if you need to create a report on absenteeism at your company, start by listing statistics about the problem. in your recommendation, you need to define the methodology used to collect data.

this activity helps you find out what other people think about the topic and what actions they may be taking based on their own experiences. for example, you might discover that employees at your company may miss work repeatedly due to caregiver obligations, poor health or transportation problems. for instance, you can use analysis techniques such as drawing a fishbone diagram to determine the root cause of the problem. your recommendation report may also include details about past interventions and results. this makes it easier for your superiors to interpret your recommendation and draw their own conclusions. for example, you may find that employees fail to recognize the impact of their absenteeism. your recommendations should have specific, measurable and achievable actions defined.