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however, the natural workflow of the project requires students to explore the literature before designing the trial methodology, it may therefore be more efficient to write these sections in this order. writing is a difficult task and students are likely to produce multiple iterations of their project throughout the year. the purpose of this section is to contextualise the project.

this section enables the reader to judge the internal and external validity of the project and should therefore be clear, concise, honest and transparent. this section should provide a clear, concise, and objective description of the findings from the study and is typically written in the past tense. it is also good practice to identify the limitations of the study – students should see this critical reflection as good practice and be aware that identifying limitations in the project will not be penalised – and offer areas for future research. specific guidance is offered in each of the project templates.

project write up overview

a strong project description provides a roadmap for stakeholders and communicates the vision without getting bogged down in details. the parts of a project description will vary depending on the type of project. an architectural project description should start with a summary that explains the need for the project. you’ll use the project overview to spell out a vision for the project that syncs with the client’s needs.

a software project description should start with an overview that explains the type of software that will be developed, the problem it will solve, and the benefits to users and the business. the second project description is a more effective example. a project description in a project proposal is a brief summary of the goals, the objectives, and the need for the project. a project description in a thesis outlines the research you’re undertaking, typically as part of graduate studies. when teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.

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