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faced with a lack of mentors, under-represented groups specially can be deprived of guidance on how to strategically approach this critical process. i hope this will help you own your narrative, and get rewarded for your accomplishments! i came up with this content originally as part of a workshop i ran a few months back. i’ve been a manager in different companies of varying sizes, and this post represents my own thoughts and not that of any organization i have been or am associated with. however, even the best managers need their reports to actively engage and show interest in their own growth, to put them in a great position to be promoted. however, i want to specifically focus on the promotion part for a few reasons.

2) in my experience, a promotion is very visible internally in a company, and is thus a great way to get wider acceptance and recognition for your work from your peers. 3) occasionally a promotion can come with a change to a higher title – which can help for positioning (and increased salary) in future jobs. here are some things to understand: do you tend to regularly document your successes? this is an important step to help remind you to raise relevant things whenever the promotion conversation happens. with this guide for the 3-step framework, i hope the you have the right tools to take control of their own career growth! also, if this framework is helpful, i’d love to get some feedback and celebrate your wins 🙂

promotion proposal overview

first, reflect on what you want. is there a job you covet or do you wish to create a new role? do you want to move up — or might a lateral move interest you? answering these questions helps you position your request. second, build a case. prepare a memo that outlines your strengths, recent successes, and impact. next, talk to your boss and make your intentions clear. beware that asking for a promotion is rarely a “one and done” discussion; rather, it’s a series of ongoing conversations. your objective is to plant the seed and then nurture that seed over time. finally, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get what you want right away. continue to do good work and look for ways to elevate the level at which you operate. asking for a promotion can be nerve-wracking. but when you think you’re ready for the next step, it’s important to say so. how do you prepare for that conversation with your boss? what information should you have at the ready? and how exactly do you make your case?

the best way to prepare your case for a promotion is to write it down. as i mentioned in our conversation, i would like to be considered for a promotion to [target job title]. this email is your written promotion request, so you want everything to be as clear and obvious as possible. you need to request a promotion to a specific position or title, so make sure to include that in your request.

it might help to include “thanks for your time the other day.” or some other subtle reminder that this is a follow-up the conversation you already had about this promotion request. if you have trouble with this section, that’s a red flag that your case may not be as strong as you anticipated, and you may not be ready to ask for this promotion. again, this should be brief, but should highlight your best results from the past six months to a year. you’ve asked for a promotion to a specific position or job title, you’ve laid out your accomplishments demonstrating that you’re already doing the job, and you’ve included some accolades to show that others have noticed your work. this should help clarify your own objectives, and it will provide a handy reference for you as you present your case.

promotion proposal format

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promotion proposal guide

making a proposal to your boss for a new position is a bit different from asking for a promotion. when you are making a proposal to your boss for a new position, you must first clarify why this position is necessary. for example, if you’re proposing a position of travel coordinator, you might note how currently there is no one to oversee corporate travel, which results in uncoordinated travel plans, missed meetings and overpayment of fees. your goal should be to convince your boss that the proposed role is a necessity for the business. you might also propose a salary for the role. to drive home the value of the new position you are proposing, you must demonstrate a specific benefit to the company.

creating a new sales manager position will eliminate the need for the sales director to oversee and approve contract negotiations, freeing her up to pursue high-profile clients. the idea behind proposing a new position is to create a new job for you. the next step in the process is to demonstrate why you are uniquely qualified for the role. i also have earned the respect of my peers, and believe i would be highly effective in a management role. once you have your proposal outlined, make an appointment with your boss to pitch your idea. think of any objections or questions your boss may have in advance, and come fully prepared to make your case. publications she’s written for include southwest exchange and inbusiness las vegas.

if you are aiming for a job promotion at work, a job promotion proposal is an excellent tool to communicate your readiness, willingness, and qualifications for the new role. a proposal for a job promotion is not just about reciting your past experience and achievements, which of course are necessary, but juxtaposing as to how your skills, competencies, experience, and expertise related to the new and higher-level role. a key question to answer is how you can handle the responsibilities of the new role and title and achieve the okrs (objectives and key results) inherent to the higher-level position. the role of a sales manager is different, and the skills that help a hunter close deals may not be as useful in sales forecasting or territory management. or on the other hand, a not so great developer may have the requisite managerial and people skills along with just enough technical skills to be the new development manager.

there are two ways to get a promotion within your current firm, and you may also jump ship to a higher position in another firm. the other way is you apply to a position in another part of the company for which you have the experience and qualifications. you will need to prepare a few months ahead and orchestrate a multi-faceted campaign that may culminate in a job promotion proposal. the worksheet helps job promotion seekers with a structured job promotion proposal template and a guided path to compile all relevant material that supports your case for an elevation in your job status. it is important to note that nothing on this website should be construed as legal, tax, finance, and mental health advice.