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a good proposal cover page is important for providing a great first impression on the donor. the cover page should look neat and should be easy to read. however, the cover page is a great place to use marketing techniques to make your application more memorable. click the “insert” tab on the ribbon, then on the far left click “cover page” to view these options. note that these templates are a building block only, and should be modified to better personalize the proposal. the cover page should never have a page number – page one should start with the table of contents or executive summary. you can also manually remove the page number from the cover page in word, by selecting the header and footer area and ticking the option “different first page.” alta alonzi is a writer and researcher focusing on international development funding and grassroots ngos. she also works closely with fundsforngos running training webinars, contributing resource guides, and updating the premium donor database.

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when you’re looking to get your company to greenlight an expenditure, project, trip or other request, you might need to write a proposal. reviewing the main parts of a business proposal, including the cover page, will help you look professional and increase the chances your request will be approved. a business proposal is an internal or external document that aims to achieve a specific goal for the writer. you might want an assistant, new hardware or software, an addition to a website or the opportunity to attend an out-of-town conference. the proposal will need to include the specifics of the request, the benefits to the company, the cost and directions for executing the request. depending on the size of the project, a business proposal often includes a cover page, contents page, executive summary, detailed description of the request, support data or documents, financial numbers and a summary. in some cases, links to websites or photos of items are included in the proposal.

that means your cover page should be easy to read, informative and provide complete contact information. the title of your cover page is the most important element. if your recipient receives a variety of proposals and approves them on a regular basis, you still want the cover page to be informative. other elements you might want to add include the date of the proposal, your phone number, email address and phone number. center most of the information on the cover page, leaving your contact page in the lower, right-hand corner. this is not the only way to do it, but it’s a standard formatting choice. steve milano is a journalist and business executive/consultant. steve also turned his tennis hobby into a career, coaching, writing, running nonprofits and conducting workshops around the globe.

a proposal cover page is defined as the front page of any formal documentation. on this page, you can download beautiful cover page templates designed for any kind of business proposal you are going to create. these templates are designed in ms word with the use of awesome colors, layouts, and vector graphics.

as it helps in developing your impression in the eyes of the reader, it should not be crowded with images that might distract the reader from the actual purpose behind reading. the importance of this cannot be denied by the fact that it helps create the first impression of yours on the reader. while designing it, keep in mind that you are to attract an individual who is to show willingness in accepting your business proposal. in the end, it would not be wrong to quote that first impression is the last impression so whenever designing cover pages do keep in mind that you are about to portray an image of yourself in others’ eyes through your proposal.

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