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think of the grant narrative as the story that you want to tell the grantmaker. you need to “sell” your organization and your project while also demonstrating that your staff and/or partners have the necessary qualifications to make good use of the funds. you will need to make sure that you know the requirements of the funder and include all appropriate information in your proposal narrative. the details you include are a key part to your proposal narrative as the funder will want to make sure that you understand your project fully. you can also utilize references as a way to explain your proposed project and demonstrate the importance of your work.

while your grant narrative or project narrative needs to highlight the strengths of your organization, it is also important to be honest. you hopefully will already have a good grasp on your project and once you start writing the information should flow easily. below is a screenshot of instrumentl’s project details feature which can help you prepare your project details prior to writing your grant narrative. the narrative is your chance to describe your organization and your project while demonstrating to the funder that you are qualified to complete the proposed work. discover the transformative impact of shifting from deficit-based to asset-based language in your nonprofit communication and grant proposals.

proposal narrative overview

so, you’ve gathered information about the project you want to propose to a foundation, you’ve researched the foundation, and you’ve determined that there is a reasonable fit. refer to the sections what to know about your station and understand your project. if you choose the first approach, be sure to still include a sentence or two that states the project and the amount requested. you will use this section to provide a concrete description of the project you are proposing.

once you have laid out the need or opportunity at hand, you will describe what you will do and how you will do it. if you are planning to expand a local talk show, indicate the elements that will change and why. if you have already conducted research related to the project, launched a pilot, or done anything else that lays the groundwork for your proposed project, be sure to include this information. answering this question can be a little challenging for public radio – as for other organizations that educate and inform – because it can be hard to measure the impact of ideas, which is where the most profound impact often occurs. this is a good place to be inspiring, to point to some of the hope behind the benchmarks and work plans and budgets.

a project narrative is a common component of a grant application or proposal. your goal is to explain your project so well that a reader understands the breadth of the project and is convinced of its value. read on for advice on how to write a successful project narrative. consider your project narrative a working document or an ongoing draft that you occasionally update and can use as a point of departure for future opportunities. in order to speak to these different audiences, you can tweak your project narrative for each audience. writing an effective project narrative is all about the art of written communication, and this process can be challenging.

here are specific strategies to help you transform your expansive ideas into a detailed project narrative. find a trusted colleague or friend to read your project narrative for you. working with an outside reader is especially helpful for catching details about your project that you might have overlooked because you know your project so well. to help make the most of your review session:    the purpose of having a working document is preparing project narrative text that you can easily adapt to specific applications. when you later apply  for a grant or to a residency to complete a project the institution you are applying to might have an existing form for you to complete. to book a session with madeleine or any of our other coaches, click here. reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

proposal narrative format

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proposal narrative guide

you must demonstrate in the narrative that you have a broad knowledge of current scholarship and activities in your field and how this is relevant to your project’s design. the budget request should be realistic for the project and reflect the goals of the project. if required in a program solicitation, cost-sharing information must be included on line m of the budget form, and if the proposal is awarded the cost-sharing becomes a condition of the award.

cost of the project must be realistic. explain in detail how you will disseminate information on the success and content of your project to other scientists and educators. in the space allotted, it should outline the problem, the objectives and the expected outcomes, project activities, and the audience to be addressed. nsf publishes an abstract of the project should it be funded.