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a sponsorship proposal is not your ticket into the door of sponsorship. you’re not supposed to call up a sponsor or cold-email them with the intention of showing them the proposal. now that you have a better understanding of what a motorsport sponsorship proposal is, let’s go over the steps to writing a proposal. in other words, the assets and activations you can introduce that allow brands to interact with your audience. this guide has plenty of guidance and pointers for writing a survey with high-quality questions that will give you the kinds of results you need to create rich audience data.

up to 50 percent of your proposal should include audience data. that naturally makes it easier for you to come up with activations or experiential marketing opportunities that simultaneously fulfill the need of your sponsor and your audience. if the sponsor has a similar issue and you’ve proven you can help your partners overcome it, that bodes well for the sponsor’s interest in proceeding. the reason a sponsor doesn’t want to see your proposal so early isn’t only that it’s unsolicited. the best time to write the sponsorship proposal is when a sponsor asks for it, and if they don’t ask for it, that means no proposal. the bulk of your proposal should be audience data and case studies.

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include information about your team, the impact sponsors will have on it, and sponsorship levels – these may influence sponsorship decisions. includes your logo on one of our cars, your logo on our website, a social media shoutout to your company, and your logo on our promotional t-shirts. for the term of this agreement, the sponsor shall pay the racing team a sponsorship fee of ($ amount), payable in full by (date) or in installments.

this agreement hereby allows the sponsor to use the race team logo in any print and graphic promotional and advertising campaigns of or by the sponsor. the sponsor hereby retains and does not grant any rights to the race team to use any of its logos or intellectual property, except for use as outlined in section 4. if this agreement is terminated or if the sponsorship terminates at the end of the term provided in section 1, the race team and the sponsor shall immediately cease to use each other’s names, logos, or intellectual property. any modification of this agreement must be written and signed by both the race team and the sponsor. then provide a more detailed presentation of your team and the costs of participating in the race.

buckle up as we navigate the twists and turns of sponsorship proposal creation. understanding their goals and objectives will provide you with valuable insights to tailor your proposal. highlight past achievements and showcase your motorsport journey – the story of your triumphs, challenges, and dedication. highlight your team’s achievements, upcoming events, and the mutual advantages of collaboration. utilize engaging visuals such as images and videos to capture the essence of your motorsport journey. highlight the potential reach and impact of your motorsport platform. share your strategic vision for the future, upcoming races, and expansion plans.

highlight growth opportunities that align with your sponsor’s objectives, showcasing a long-term partnership’s potential. provide a detailed breakdown of the sponsorship investment and expected returns. express your enthusiasm for the potential collaboration and offer a clear call to action. by researching your potential sponsors, personalizing your pitch, and showcasing your achievements, you can drive your proposal to the front of the sponsorship race. so, start your engines and craft a sponsorship proposal that leaves a lasting impression – because in the realm of motorsport, every pitch counts. if you want to use the best of motorsport to communicate effectively with your customers you are in the right place. with passion, experience and enthusiasm we want to help make your sponsorship dream a reality with one of the premier sports marketing companies.

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racing sponsorship proposal guide

make sure you do just that with the help of this stunning proposal template. the template comes with pages dedicated for you to add your company’s mission statement, core values and brand partnerships — so add your company information and make it your own. make sure you do just that with the help of this stunning proposal template. the template comes with pages dedicated for you to add your company’s mission statement, core values and brand partnerships — so add your company information and make it your own.

you can edit content, change image(s), apply custom colors, input your own fonts and logo, and more. part of your job with a business proposal is to be as convincing as you possibly can. each business proposal template is colorful, visually attractive and easy to use right from your web browser. just choose the best proposal template that fits your needs, populate it with all of the specific information you have, and choose from a number of compelling free graphics.

i know a lot of you are creating motorsport sponsorship decks ready to go out to potential partners. sponsorship deck – a document that shows your value and offers other information about you and your racing career. in this article, we’re going to be covering a sponsorship deck in particular but you can use the following tips as you create bespoke proposals too. while a sponsorship deck is designed to give more info about you/your team, it’s important to lead with the stuff that will really hook the business. keep your bio brief and use bullet points to make the most important points (such as achievements). want to show off your niche without being explicit about it, use a picture. if you can put your data into a graph, it’ll make it easier to digest at a glance.

while a lot of your info might need to be contained in graphs or paragraphs of text, highlight some of the most important points as pull-quotes. the main body of your pitch should go into the email you send. the purpose of a deck like this is to give additional info to back up the points you make. if that value isn’t clear, try to make your point more directly. you can start from scratch with canva but i’d recommend using the built-in templates. you can pick and choose which pages suit your you scroll through the template above, you can see just how easy it is to read and digest. any canva links i share here are tracked so if you want to check out the app, feel free to click one of the links in this post – it helps them know who i’m sending their way. )all that being said, i want you to use the platform that works best for you.