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in this article, we discuss the different types of grants, how to find grants that fit your organization’s needs, nine essential components of a good grant proposal, and provide you with templates, samples and tips to help you get started. any more than that and you risk sinking your organization if a key grant falls through. additionally, make sure you have the resources and time to research foundations and grant writing opportunities for your organization. pro tip: create a grant calendar that includes all the important dates and deadlines for grants you wish to apply for in the next year or two. learn from a mixture of grant applications that were funded by the federal government, foundations, and corporations. the letter of inquiry serves as an introduction to your project and a way to gauge interest from the funding committee.

following the letter of inquiry, if you’re invited to send a more in-depth proposal, you’d typically send a 7-10-page document providing more information about your organization, the project, the needs, and the outcomes. describe your nonprofit organization and make a case for your credibility. how are you going to execute the project? you also need to explain how your organization is preparing for the project. how will you continue to produce impact beyond the period of grant funding? however, you can increase your chances of approval by clearly communicating your organization’s mission and credibility, stating the need for the project and how you’ll be meeting that need, and your passion for what you are trying to accomplish.

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think of a request for a grant proposal as a funder’s guideline for grant writers to follow as they prepare their applications. start with the format used by proposal writers who publish requests on philanthropy news digest. identify the funder seeking grant applications and the specific project, since funders may have more than one grant available at a given time. for example, your request seeking proposals for urban designs might explain how the funder hopes the designs will improve ongoing construction projects in a city. if so, discuss the process.

tell grant seekers how to confirm matching funds. you might explain that grants are awarded to schools that showcase student research projects on how local businesses can operate in a more environmentally safe manner. your request could say the fund program prefers awarding grants to urban charter schools where the curriculum emphasizes the visual arts. if writers are free to come up with their own format, explain that the funder requires a narrative outlining the company’s history and its operating budget. list details of the project’s spending plan that qualifies under this fund’s guidelines, as the minnesota council on foundations has done in its “project budget.” michele vrouvas has been writing professionally since 2007. in addition to articles for online publications, she is a litigation paralegal and has been a reporter for several local newspapers.

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