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budgets should provide the sponsor with an accurate assessment of all cost items and cost amounts that are deemed necessary and reasonable to carry out your project. a research budget contains both direct costs and indirect costs (overhead), but the level of detail varies from sponsor to sponsor. the first step in developing a budget is to carefully read the guidelines of the funding opportunity being pursued. unless the sponsor specifies in writing that they require the indirect costs of research to be presented as a separate line item (cost model), the indirect cost should be built into each budget line item (price model).

for example, you are developing a budget for a funding opportunity with an indirect cost rate of 25%. cash contributions are actual cash transactions that can be documented in the accounting system. examples of cash contributions include: in-kind contributions are both non-monetary or cash equivalent resources that can be given a cash value, such as goods and/or services in support of a research project or proposal. matching requirements may be in the form of an actual cash expenditure of funds or may be an “in-kind” match.

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the national institutes of health (nih)) are increasingly allowing data management and sharing (dms) costs to be included as direct costs in proposal budgets. the number of person months or percent effort to be applied to the project should also be shown. for example, salaries of technical staff should be treated as direct costs wherever the work to be undertaken can be identified with a particular sponsored project. the personnel service center should be consulted to obtain the appropriate hourly rates for various categories of employment.

the portion of the in-state tuition that remains after the fellowship is applied must be included on the grant as a charge to the sponsor. the estimated costs of consumable supplies and materials should be indicated in the proposed budget. the recharge/user rate should be included as part of the modified total direct cost (mtdc) for the project and should carry the appropriate indirect cost rate. telephone services and postage should not be included unless these costs are expected to be major elements in the project (e.g., telephone surveys). questions regarding the appropriate treatment of network costs as either direct costs or facilities & administrative costs in proposal budgets should be forwarded to the office of research and sponsored projects.

note: some sponsors have limits on the amount of time that can be charged to a project. when budgeting for salaried gras, proportional tuition support should also be included for the gra in the other direct costs section of the budget. travel costs should be presented in sufficient detail to determine the reasonableness of such costs. if travel is anticipated, the detailed information for the trip(s) should be provided in the budget justification.

only materials and supplies actually used for the performance of the sponsored project may be charged as direct costs. note: individuals who have been an employee at unt or unt system within the past 12 months are not eligible to be paid as a consultant and must still be paid through the unt payroll office and therefore should be included in the personnel section of the budget. facility user fees for services obtained or for use of equipment may be included in this section of the budget. costs for hosting the conference or training event should not be included as participant support costs and should be budgeted and charged to other applicable budget categories. other costs not included in the categories indicated above and that directly benefit the proposed project, can be included in the other category of the budget.

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