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dscout ai works with you (not in place  of you) to break the trade-off between  speed and quality. research plans keep the entire team focused on an outcome and provide an easy reference to keep “need-to-know” stakeholders in the know. it consists of a few sentences on what the research is about and why it is happening, which orients people to needs and expectations. they’re the specific ideas you want to learn more about during the research and the questions you want to be answered. so in this case, it’s more useful to rely on the research to uncover what kinds of other tools are used.

if you don’t have a set vision for who you want to recruit, approximate your user, and include that approximation in your plan. the introduction details what you will say to the participant before the session begins, and serves as a nice preview of all the different points you’ll be discussing. imagine we’re filming a small documentary on you, and are really trying to understand all your thoughts. so when you ask a participant a question, it is ultimately answering one of the objectives. since your feedback was so useful, would you be willing to participate in another research session in the future? nikki anderson-stanier is the founder of user research academy and a qualitative researcher with 9 years in the field.

research plan overview

a good ux research plan sets out the parameters for your research, and guides how you’ll gather insights to inform product development. with a solid, strategy-based ux research plan you can also track metrics at different stages of the project and adjust future tactics to get better research findings. one of the most important purposes of a research plan is to identify what you’re trying to achieve with the research, and clarify the problem statement. when you present the research plan to key stakeholders, remember to align on the scope of research, and how and when you’ll get back to them with results.

if different types of people will be using a certain product, you need to make sure that the people you research represent these personas. the next component of a research plan is to create a brief or guide for your research sessions. next in your plan, estimate how long the research project will take and when you should expect to review the findings. it’s helpful to explore the need for continuous discovery in your ux research plan and look for a tool like maze that simplifies the process for you. ux research plans are shared documents that everyone on the product team can and should be familiar with.

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