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content is what your proposal says to the prospect and how you say it. the goalgive a high-level overview, summarize the most important parts of your proposal and prove you’re qualified to meet their needs. the more you can speak directly to their needs, the greater your chance of winning the project. make them feel confident that you’re in it for the long haul and prepared to be a true partner to them. all of your answers should support the argument that you will make them more efficient, effective and empowered. however, after implementing rfp response best practices and rfp software, the same team can successfully respond to 16 simultaneous rfps in the same time frame. what was your level of involvement prior to the rfp being issued?

there are few things more frustrating than submitting and winning an rfp only to find out that the partnership isn’t a strategic fit for you or the issuer. your content database should be the single source of truth for building rfp responses that are efficient, consistent and accurate. as they talk you through the answer, you record it and save it to the content library. regardless, you need a plan to get everyone on the same page. it also puts you in a tough position of trying to explain additional value you deliver that the customer doesn’t understand and didn’t ask about. in addition, make sure you search your rfp content library before asking an sme to weigh in on a question. for example, we all know how much easier it is to write a winning rfp response when your team helped craft the rfp itself. work through the roadblockone of the best ways to fast-track your proposal process is to invest in rfp response software.

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your commitment and attention to detail during the rfp response sets the stage for how you’ll treat your customer later. in fact, it’s the strategic thing to do and your win rates—and your company—will thank you. the fastest way to lose a prospect’s interest is to talk about yourself, and your rfp response’s executive summary sets the stage for your entire proposal. your value proposition is the promise you make to your prospects that they will achieve more of the results they’re looking for if they partner with you.

the last thing you want to do in your rfp response is make the prospect’s job harder. if your time and resources allow, it’s ideal to get a second set of eyes on your proposal before sending it out the door. these teams jump from software to software as they work on a proposal, wasting valuable time and causing unnecessary bottlenecks in the response process. each member of your team is unique and often as team members divide and conquer a proposal, the final product will reflect these different voices. use this data the next time you craft a proposal to ensure you’re always promoting winning responses.

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