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dinner seems to drag on and on until the ring finally arrives “hidden” in a soufflé. from the level of intimacy of your engagement to the overall ambiance, here’s what to think about before dropping to one knee at a restaurant. hint: it doesn’t have to be the closest michelin-star restaurant. perhaps, it’s even that one dive bar or late-night joint that you always gravitate to on the way home. but beyond that, be sure to let the restaurant team in on your plan. similar to the decision to involve friends and family, some couples prefer to take in the moment sans audience.

consult the manager about the best tables for popping the question, be it a spot in front of the fireplace, by a window, or in a cozy booth. she suggests giving the team a clear direction on how you want it to play out so that they can assist in any way. you’ll be so overjoyed and want to spread the news that you won’t want to sit through the rest of dinner. after you pop the question, surprise your future spouse with a party, complete with family and friends. even if they weren’t present for the actual moment—you wanted to keep that private—an after-party is a popular way of christening the big news. if you have friends and family waiting nearby, have a bucket full of chilled sparkling wine to kick off the party.

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but if you’re wondering about how to propose in a restaurant, know that there’s a right (and wrong) way to do it. as a managing partner of the restaurant, he’s orchestrated more than 300 engagements, and his success rate is near perfect. “hell, mcdonald’s could be a place if you had a special, special date at mcdonald’s,” he said. if you’re a regular, the staff might be able to put a special spin on the evening, like lawler did for one couple with one of the more clever ways to propose. the staff will want to talk about what you have in mind, whether you’ve dined there before, and what kind of vibe you’d like the engagement to have (fun and playful or romantic and meaningful?). “at every restaurant, there’s a good time to come in to get a good table,” lawler said. “most restaurants would take great pride in creating a very nice evening for people [planning] one of the biggest events of their life.” “doing it at the beginning, you get it done and the dinner becomes very celebratory,” he said.

“he didn’t catch it, and she chipped her tooth on the ring,” lawler recalls. but you may not want to go as far as one groom-to-be who set up two cameras in a nearby booth to film the entire dinner, which was more than two hours long. one of lawler’s most-memorable stories involves a man who had meticulously planned out the entire evening, deciding what they would eat and drink (and exactly how much it would all cost, including tax and tip). he came in ahead of time and canvassed all the tables to pick the best seat. a few years later, lawler happened to run into the woman’s mother at a charity event and she mentioned that her daughter had been proposed to at geja’s. turns out, they slowed things down, and a year later he proposed again (successfully this time). by subscribing, i agree to the terms of use and have read the privacy statement see promotional terms. by subscribing, i agree to the terms of use and have read the privacy statement

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