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it can be hard to make a budget or plan for them or when you aren’t sure how much money is coming in. you have to sell clients on the value of a long-term arrangement… similar to how you have to sell them for one-time projects. submitting monthly retainer consulting proposals is a key part of landing long-term relationships with clients and making your income more consistent… but even the best proposals in the world won’t get clients agreeing to keep you around if you don’t impress them with the initial work you do. then, if they’re open to the idea, offer to write up a monthly retainer proposal that lays out everything you’d provide—and the value of working with you on a long-term basis. the key is getting clear about why it’s worth it to keep you around instead of seeking out a new service provider whenever they need work done. if a client agrees to x hours per month, they’ll get more and more value from you because you’ll be able to work faster with an intimate knowledge of their business.

it’s a one-time thing, and it usually isn’t a problem to straighten out any differences if you aren’t on the same page. you do the work you agreed to do, and the client pays you a lump sum or over the course of a few project milestones. adding a regular accountability or reporting element is a great way to justify the work you did that month and re-sell the client on continuing the retainer arrangement. and it makes it easier for you to get out if the arrangement turns sour. what if the client assigns you 40 hours of work when you’ve only agreed to 25 that month? the key is proving yourself in a one-time project, packaging your services in a way that makes sense for the long haul, and sealing the deal with a monthly retainer proposal.

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what are the services you can provide to a client on a regular basis that will bring value to them on a regular basis? this is a balancing act, as you will have to impress client with your unique abilities or how well you know the client and their needs. the end of a project is an ideal time to transition to a retainer, as the client will also know you and the value you can bring to their business. it’s up to you to consider the different ways you want to work with a client, before proposing a retainer relationship. and even if you aren’t charging per hour, you should be recording your time to determine the profitability of the retainer agreement.

now you’ll have to create or choose a client and project for which you plan to draft the retainer agreement. as part of the structure of the retainer agreement, how and what you get paid is an important component – especially for you! you need to structure your time to ensure you can continue to bid on other work, while still meeting the expectations of the client or clients on retainer. you don’t want to wait for an annual review discussion to find out the client is dissatisfied and won’t be renewing the contract. during your regular reviews with your client, be sure to suggest any new and creative initiatives that you can accomplish to add benefit to the agreement, perhaps as a replacement for work that has diminished in value since the inception of the agreement. the ability to work under a retainer relationship will build lasting business collaborations and help your freelance business profit and grow.

below, let’s go over what a marketing retainer is, the benefits of setting up a marketing retainer, and what to include in your marketing retainer proposal when pitching clients. the biggest benefit of working on a marketing retainer is that it helps you secure steady work. a marketing retainer can include a range of services depending on your expertise and industry.

below, we’ll go over a few different services you can include in a freelance marketing retainer and how to structure them on an ongoing basis. the last thing to include in your marketing retainer proposal is the ongoing deliverables you plan to offer. the key is to set up a retainer contract that makes sense for your client’s needs, your expertise, and the type of work you want to provide on an ongoing basis. the wethos visa® debit card is issued by blue ridge bank, n.a., member fdic, pursuant to a license from visa usa inc. your funds are fdic insured up to $250,000 through blue ridge bank, n.a.

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repeat clients can shift from paying per project to paying you a monthly retainer for ongoing work. once a retainer is in place, the freelancer can commit to working on long-term projects and produce deeper, more high-value work. here are some ways you can sell your clients on shifting to a monthly retainer system: the client first and foremost wants to know what they’ll be getting for their money. in retainer proposals, it’s essential to clarify for the client when they can expect their deliverables.

the best way to convince your client to accept your monthly retainer proposal is to ensure your proposal is of the best possible quality. bonsai is not just a free template tool for creating your retainer proposals—it’s an all-in-one suite for freelancers to take care of all the paperwork that comes with freelancing. sign up today to take your freelance business relationships to the next level with crisp and efficient retainer proposal templates from bonsai. create a detailed retainer proposal to show the scope of work, the payment terms, and the benefits a retainer will bring to the client.

in this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to create a winning retainer proposal for procurement consulting that stands out from the competition. a retainer proposal is a document that outlines the terms and conditions of an ongoing business relationship between a procurement consultant and their client. creating a well-crafted retainer proposal can be instrumental in securing long-term relationships with clients in the procurement industry. another significant benefit of having a retainer proposal for procurement consulting is cost-effectiveness.

a winning retainer proposal for procurement consulting needs to be thorough and detailed, while also being easy to understand. the fee structure can make or break a proposal. when it comes to creating a winning retainer proposal for procurement consulting, there are several key steps you can take to increase your chances of success. here’s how to create a winning retainer proposal step-by-step: 1. start with a strong introduction: begin by introducing yourself and your company, and explain the purpose of your proposal. to sum it up, creating a winning retainer proposal is crucial for procurement consulting.