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now, there’s only one thing left to do … slap a proposal cover letter on top, submit it and move on to the next rfp. no matter what it’s called, the cover letter is your chance to introduce your business and offer to a potential new customer. your rfp cover letter provides a first impression to the proposal evaluators and decision makers reviewing your proposal. the primary distinction is that a proposal cover letter is an introduction to your company while the executive summary is an overview of your offer for a specific project. by specifically addressing the proposal cover letter to the key contacts, you make a quick connection and instantly improve the chances that they’ll actually read the bid proposal cover letter and your subsequent proposal.

even if you use rfp software to quickly complete the rfp itself, the rfp cover letter offers a rare opportunity to be human and genuine. in addition to telling a story, you can use your proposal cover letter to express your understanding of their pain. just because the rfp process is formal, doesn’t mean your rfp cover letter has to be. it may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a nice touch and one last way to show your investment in winning the rfp opportunity. ready to start crafting your own rfp cover letter in this style? do you know the difference between the executive summary and your rfp cover letter?

rfp cover letter overview

in this blog, you’ll learn how to write custom proposal cover letters that grab a prospect’s attention and increase your chances of winning rfp responses. from the offer you present, to the visuals you include, the details in your proposal cover letter should be all about the client. you must read the rfp thoroughly, from cover to cover, before beginning your letter. use it to create a connection to your prospect and capture their attention early in the proposal.

then, narrow it down to the most persuasive reasons that your prospect should choose your proposal over a competitor. but don’t forget that it’s also an opportunity to connect with your prospect through the proposal process. when crafting your proposal cover letter, there are a few final checkpoints to leave your prospect with a good impression. to make more time for writing winning proposal cover letters, you’ll need to make some efficiency gains in your overall rfp process.

the cover letter is frequently the initial opportunity for your proposal to align with the reader’s objectives. the proposal cover letter gives you a chance to leave clients with a memorable first impression. this will give the reader a clear understanding of your role and what you do. now that you know the structure to follow on the proposal cover letter, it’s time to go into the details of how to write a proposal letter. dedicate a section to focus on the company’s concerns, and later in the cover letter, you can introduce the proposed solutions.

when writing a proposal cover letter, it’s essential to align your language with the client’s terminology to show that you understand their needs. therefore, the cover letter should focus on how you plan to help the client in reaching their objectives. moreover, the proposal cover letter is your first chance to highlight your value proposition and what makes your offer unique compared to others. the data presented by the client within the rfp serves to guide and inform your proposal. the downloadable rfp cover letter sample has the structure you need for a proposal cover letter that wins more clients.

rfp cover letter format

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rfp cover letter guide

to write a proposal cover letter with nary a wasted word, you first need to understand its strategic significance in the overall proposal. in such cases, you now have to include the cover letter as part of your proposal pdf. the proposal cover letter is meant to frame up your rfp proposal. when you can write a cover letter and state, “after reviewing the rfp, we are confident that our solution meets all requirements and detail that fact in our proposal,” you make a compelling argument for reviewers to concentrate on how your proposal illustrates how you solve problems. if your proposal team is fortunate enough to have a dedicated writer, then have them write the letter based on input from the frontline sales rep. whoever writes the letter must be fully informed of response strategy and have intimate knowledge of the proposal and executive summary.

feel free to use the proposal cover letter example below as a template for your next letter. for your letter, these will be specific to your solution and the problem stated in the rfp. you’ll also get free access to rfpio university for all your training needs, now and in the future. the better you know the client and people involved, the easier it is going to be for you to tailor the proposal cover letter, the executive summary, and, most importantly, the rfp proposal. if you’re new to the proposal or bid process, then you’ll need the request for proposal (rfp) basics.

the same is true when responding to request for proposal (rfp) opportunities. an effective cover letter for a bid proposal sets clear expectations for your proposal from the start, which makes a world of difference in the eyes of a reviewer. problems present themselves when the writer neglects to tailor the cover letter response to the requesting organization. there’s arguably nothing worse than accidentally forgetting to omit the name of another organization in your cover letter. imagine writing a letter to your mom. those letters are going to sound very different. so, include language that matches the tone of the bid in your rfp cover letters.

trust us, the person reviewing your bid response wants to know that real thought and effort were applied. investing energy into providing a few personalized details in the rfp cover letter will pay dividends for your entire proposal. as you would with any letter, you should address the letter to that individual, not an entire organization or “whomever this may concern.” express your willingness to discuss any aspect of your proposal in greater detail with the reviewer at any time. if so, mentioning it off the bat in your cover letter gives you a leg-up on the competition. but the objective of the cover letter is simply to prove your organization’s response is well worth a closer look. from there, your team will be in a great position to close the deal! find opportunities to use that cover letter with bid banana, the user-friendly rfp search engine. a great cover letter can help you get started with your first bid.