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the opportunity to send a proposal can be exciting. combining your research with answers and insights from your team will help you to create a good first draft. follow the above introduction with a description of who you are, what qualifies you to work with the rfp’s sender, and the benefits your potential client can expect to see as a result. you will also want to cover the research you did, who you did interviews with, and the steps you took to pull together your recommendations. this will make it easy for the prospect to understand the different parts of the proposal and the different activities being recommended.

the about us section of your rfp response can be identical to the company description you likely created when starting your venture. we believe this aligns with the integrity and vision of your business. the owner thinks this is a sign that the client wants to commit. before you even get to creating the proposal, you first need to determine if the client is wasting your time. once you outline the scope of the project and the benefits the client will receive, you are more likely to close the deal and establish a successful business relationship with your client company.

rfp response overview

content is what your proposal says to the prospect and how you say it. the goalgive a high-level overview, summarize the most important parts of your proposal and prove you’re qualified to meet their needs. the more you can speak directly to their needs, the greater your chance of winning the project. make them feel confident that you’re in it for the long haul and prepared to be a true partner to them. all of your answers should support the argument that you will make them more efficient, effective and empowered. however, after implementing rfp response best practices and rfp software, the same team can successfully respond to 16 simultaneous rfps in the same time frame. what was your level of involvement prior to the rfp being issued?

but, simply responding doesn’t mean your team has the time and attention required to write a winning rfp response. your content database should be the single source of truth for building rfp responses that are efficient, consistent and accurate. as they talk you through the answer, you record it and save it to the content library. regardless, you need a plan to get everyone on the same page. it also puts you in a tough position of trying to explain additional value you deliver that the customer doesn’t understand and didn’t ask about. in addition, make sure you search your rfp content library before asking an sme to weigh in on a question. for example, we all know how much easier it is to write a winning rfp response when your team helped craft the rfp itself. work through the roadblockone of the best ways to fast-track your proposal process is to invest in rfp response software.

here are the six elements to include in your rfp response, along with rfp response examples you can use to draft a winning proposal. give the prospect a solid plan for what’s to be done and how much it’ll cost them. the purpose of responding to an rfp is to win the deal, so you should include anything that strengthens your case and makes you stand out from the other responses. it’ll need to win over the entire organization, including the coo, cfo, it heads, and other decision-makers who have a stake in your solution.

make sure your response directly engages with the specifications and addresses each one of them with a concise, clear answer. you can use them to provide customers with accurate and relevant information to improve your chances of securing the deal. this serves as a reminder to the client, making it easier for them to review your proposal again and explore more about your company and its offerings. here are the best rfp software and tools you can use to create and manage rfp documents and streamline proposal processes, increasing your chances of winning new business: dock’s collaborative workspace offers a dynamic and effective alternative to static rfp submissions, increasing your chances of winning new business. in addition to being a workspace to sell effectively, it also creates a dynamic environment where you can discuss and collaborate with the client, giving you unprecedented access to their thinking process.

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rfp response guide

these tips will help you produce better results in less time, capturing the attention of your future clients, and leading to more project wins. before you dive in, is it actually the right project for your team and your business to be involved in? by eliminating manual tasks, you can collaborate with both the proposal client and your team more quickly and effectively, to keep you on target with these two goals. use this starting point to build trust, create a connection, and deepen the relationship with your potential client.

from the point at which you sign up to an rfp, to completing and submitting the documents needed, and negotiating on price and other criteria, once your rfp is accepted. demonstrate your expertise, the quality of your delivery, and the outcomes of implementing your solutions with other clients. how can the technical, organizational and financial elements of your proposal outline showcase your desirability? outline your management and communication plan for the project, reassuring them that your process for managing the project is focused and organized. this simplifies your search and helps you work quickly when time is of the essence.

here is the five-step writing process any proposal team can follow to streamline and improve the rfp process. an rfp response is a document that addresses the questions and requirements outlined in a request for proposal (rfp). are there any previous rfp response examples or answers you can reuse to save your team time? the best way to do this is to create a project plan and share it with your team.

the biggest mistake proposal teams make when they’re in a rush is to simply copy-paste existing content into the rfp response they’re writing without accounting for context. while the fast-paced rfp response process does not always give you much time for editing, even a quick proofread can do wonders for the clarity and professionalism of your proposal. this is the hardest aspect to evaluate in your rfp response, but it all comes back to the story your content tells. instead of copying an answer word for word from your content library (or a previous rfp response), tailor it to the specific challenges and needs of the customer. when you use a consistent and reliable workflow, you can focus more on nailing the proposal—rather than wondering what to do next.