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at many journals, the process for submitting a review article is much different from the process for a research article: rather than uploading your research manuscript and clicking submit, it might only be possible to submit a review article by invitation or prior consultation with an editor. this webinar gives some insights from a reviews editor on what makes a compelling proposal, including some common mistakes to avoid, how a proposal is different from a cover letter, and the importance of customizing your proposal for your intended journal. matt pavlovich is the editor of trends in biotechnology, cell press’s home for reviews in applied biology.

he studied analytical chemistry as a postdoctoral researcher at northeastern university, then joined cell press at the start of 2016. matt is a senior manager in the trends group and a part of the editorial teams for the cell press podcast and cell mentor. following her phd, she moved to macquarie university, sydney, australia for a post-doc looking at plant defences and then back to the northern hemisphere for a second post-doc at the university of oxford. she joined cell press in november 2018. copyright ©2024 elsevier, its licensors, and contributors.

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writing a proposal could be one of the most essential tool in business because it helps cultivate relationships between the organization and the project to be implemented. you should be able to know about ways on how to manage and the results that will be delivered from it. an article proposal consists of a recommendation that should be implemented for an article. normally in an article proposal, your goal is to explain the following in exact details: every writer should be knowledgeable about the components of a proposal. abstract – this is considered to be the most important part of a proposal. you should also include the highlights in your topic sentence and discuss what should be done, what is the problem and what will be the benefit? also state the activities that are involved in the process and the outcomes that needs to be achieved. evaluation – you should provide an evaluation of your report and if feasible, do it in qualitative or quantitative manner.

don’t forget to describe your communication strategy and be creative. budget or funds – present your budget in a graphic organizer. take note that you should only include the source of your budget if it is being mandated. these components are necessary to the writing process of your article proposal. your proposal wouldn’t be called a proposal and will be considered lacking if one of these components are missing. try to be formal in writing your article proposal. first, the writer should be able to study and learn about the basics in article writing. when you are writing for an article proposal, it is important that you should show off your experience as much as you can. lastly, it is very important that you are able to put your skills into the right content.

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